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As a Technical Consultant, you will be responsible for the qualitative technical implementation of one or more business solutions in support of the customer's digital business transformation within a given process and according to a project specific context.

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Your role

As a Technical Consultant you will be responsible for the qualitative technical implementation of one or more business solutions in support of the customer's digital business transformation within a given process and this in function of a project specific context such as defined objectives, budget, applications and timeframe.

The Technical Consultant reports to the Domain Manager in direct line and to the Project Manager / Service Delivery Manager in dotted line.

What's in it for you;

People & Competence

  • Supports the client with technical information during the project and after deployment, in order to ensure optimal performance of the implemented business solutions
  • Is result oriented and completes tasks within set objectives, budget, applications and timeframe.
  • Reports proactively to the project manager and if necessary to the customer regarding the objectives, planning problems, budget and timeframe to achieve the desired result.
  • Is solution oriented and adjusts according to the result to be achieved.
  • Estimates, depending on the situation, the best style and/or tactics to advise and/or convince an interlocutor.
  • Challenges the customer in a healthy and constructive way with the aim of constantly raising the bar.
  • Transfers information to colleagues regarding the technical requirements of the solution and supports them with questions.
  • Shares knowledge internally (and if applicable externally) to make all parties involved technically stronger.
  • Communicates timely and appropriately to avoid misunderstandings, wasted time and errors.
  • Contributes substantially as an active team member to support a constructive and collegial atmosphere.


  • Supports the technical implementation process of the business solution in an efficient and targeted way.
  • Listens actively to clients and gives the client the necessary space to explain what is important in the business processes so that insight can be gained into where and how added value can be created.
  • Develops in function of the defined technical requirements of the solution in order to achieve a performing implementation.
  • Documents these developments with the objective of a transparent and efficient flow of the technical requirements, during and after the project.
  • Tests the developed requirements and corrects where necessary to avoid loss of time and errors, aiming for "first time right".
  • Understands where the added value for the customer is exactly.
  • Creates added value for the customer both internally and externally to ensure maximum satisfaction through the service delivered.
  • Advises the customer within the desired context of his knowledge and assignment.
  • Internal projects are carried out in the same qualitative way as external ones, both in timing, communication and customer satisfaction.


  • Is open to continuous learning with the objective of updating his technical knowledge to guarantee the necessary quality today and in the future.
  • Is always open to learn from more experienced colleagues.
  • Monitors and assures the quality of the deliverables at all times.
  • Remains thoroughly informed about the technical evolution of the solutions within his focus.
  • Shares knowledge spontaneously within the team of consultants.
  • Continues to work actively on strengthening soft skills, such as presentation and communication skills.

Your strengths;

  • Possesses initial work experience as a technical consultant within the chosen solution focus.
  • Possesses the necessary basic knowledge of relevant IT technology.
  • Possesses a first expertise in relevant applications within the chosen technology.
  • Possesses a first working experience as technical IT consultant.

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