One-time deal: Buy a Mathcad license and get a FREE masterclass with our experts

The offer is only valid from Friday November 24 until Friday December 15!

In Mathcad Prime, formulas are written precisely as you know it from textbooks. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and perform technical calculations. By combining calculations with text, graphs, and illustrations in one integrated document, it has never been easier to document and communicate your calculations.

Right now, with every purchase of Mathcad Prime, you can unlock the full potential of your skills and receive a free hour of learning and coaching sessions with our Mathcad experts, Jessica Madlene Nielsen and Jan Claeys.

What you get, if you buy a Mathcad license now

Optimized workflows

Learn how you can optimize your workflows with insights into how other professionals use Mathcad Prime to take their work to new heights.

Improved skills

Ask questions and get instant answers from experts who have years of experience with Mathcad Prime. A unique opportunity to solve any doubts and improve your skills.

Personal advice

Receive personalized tips and tricks tailored to your specific projects and needs. Our experts help you maximize your investment in Mathcad Prime.

Streamlined projects

Streamline your processes and improve efficiency. Learn how to organize your Mathcad projects to get impressive results in less time.

Advanced techniques

Explore advanced techniques and features in Mathcad Prime. Boost your skills with insights that put you ahead of the competition.

Not sure if Mathcad is for you?

Then you can watch this webinar with great advantage. In the webinar, our experienced Mathcad consultant and expert, Jan Claeys, tells you more about what Mathcad is and what value it can create for your company. Jan also shows how you work with Mathcad in practice.

Need more information about the offer?

Hear more about the strong offer or get your Mathcad license now by contacting Jessica Madlene Nielsen.

Jessica Madlene Nielsen

Account Manager

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