9altitudes… what’s in a name?

Since we expressed our ambitions to become a strong European digital partner, the group continues to grow. With more than 450 employees in 5 different countries, we are working on that dream under a common denominator: 9altitudes. "Nine Altitudes"

Together we take our customers to new heights and guide them in their digital transformation. In this article, you will get to know 9altitudes and learn more about the origin of the name.

A new name unites companies

Supported by the international investment company Waterland, new acquisitions were announced for the first time in February 2021, including the new group name "9altitudes". 9altitudes is a European player that shares the same DNA and translates this at a local level to the customer and his needs. A platform for growth with mutual cross-fertilization. Act global, Think local.

9altitudes seeks the balance between technology and empathy, because – in the end – it’s people who make the difference. Digital business transformation is what we do. With proven platforms, the very best industry solutions and best practices in business processes.

The meaning behind 9altitudes

But what does the name "9altitudes" mean? First of all, we can analyze the 9 and altitudes. The number 9 symbolizes rebirth. Translate this into our business and we are not talking about continuous improvement, but about reinventing your company. One cycle ends while a new one begins. The number 9 in number theory also symbolizes perfection and the search for the absolute truth. At 9altitudes we go further than just technology, we are always looking for the balance between technology and empathy.

"Altitudes" stands for height. We want to reach new heights together with our customer, while maintaining a helicopter overview. And those heights are something very personal for every company - large or small.

Altitudes also translates into the craftsmanship and knowledge of our employees as they move their professional horizon. We are also the alt-ernative option, we challenge our customers to push boundaries and reach new heights. There is no such thing as "one size fits all" in the industry in which we operate. It comes down to finding and maintaining a balance between height and maneuverability to create a perfect solution for our customers' needs and DNA.