Hive CPQ

Reduce the risk of product configuration errors and eliminate manual quotations with Hive CPQ. From simple product configuration, to generating error-free quotations and orders, making Manufacturing Bill of Materials available for production to even more efficient customer service afterwards.

Avoid manual errors

Hive CPQ is a Configure, Price, Quote solution that simplifies and accelerates the sales process for manufacturing companies within the Configure To Order (CTO) branch. If you sell products or services with multiple option possibilities, configuring them accurately can be a challenge. Manual errors can also creep into the process toward formatting a custom quote. With a CPQ solution, you create error-free product configurations, generate quotations in one click, and instantly create a production Bill Of Materials.

Hive CPQ supports your company in generating quotations and orders, with or without 3D models and product data that can be managed in a PLM environment. Deploy the most user-friendly CPQ application for your sales teams and customers to achieve smoother sales.

Avoid duplicate data management by integrating Hive CPQ with your PIM, PLM, ERP or other systems.

Questions regarding Hive CPQ?

Simon Bruynsteen
Sales manager Belgium - 9altitudes

A streamlined sales process

Custom configuration
Configure products without errors and make your product range clear and manageable. Let your customers configure complex products and guide them in their choice using interactive 3D models and visualizations.
Accurate price

Hive CPQ instantly calculates an accurate price based on various price lists, taking into account invoices such as volume discounts, dealer margins and more.

Personalized quote

Generate personalized and error-free quotations in minutes. Send out up to 4 times more quotations, avoid errors and benefit from increasing sales.

Effortless order fulfillment
Experience effortless order fulfillment with Hive CPQ. The platform sends validated information to your ERP, CRM, CAD, PLM or other systems.
Streamlined production process
Discover an error-free production process that seamlessly shares data with various software systems. During this step, your teams and customers can always check order status.
Optimized customer service

Your customers and teams can identify and order spare parts by exploded views or serial numbers in no time. This will even save your customer service department time.

A growth in configure-to-order companies

Customers increasingly expect customized products. This trend has caused companies to switch more frequently to selling configurable products. Furthermore, many companies are also making the switch to generate quotations faster and consequently go to market faster. With Hive CPQ, you save time generating quotations, freeing up more time to sell.

Why Hive CPQ?

The best user and customer experience
Easy to implement and maintain
Supports the most complex products and projects
Reinforces an omnichannel approach
The No.1 solution for sales through distributors, agents, installers and partners