Beyond ERP: Why Embracing PLM is a Game-Changer

Join us for an engaging 30-minute webinar, the first in our series Navigating Complexity: Unlocking Business Potential in the Manufacturing Industry.

July 6, 09:00

What you can expect:

In this session, our experts will dive into the critical question: "Will PLM become as important as ERP?" and explore why Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has become a crucial tool for streamlining processes in manufacturing companies.

In this 30-minutes session we will shed light on the vital role that PLM plays in driving success and revolutionizing manufacturing processes.

The Agenda:

  • Industry Trends and the Rise of PLM: Gain valuable insights into the latest trends shaping the manufacturing landscape and understand why PLM has become an essential catalyst for success.
  • Get insights from experts: Learn about PTC's value model as we explore real-world customer examples that highlight the tangible benefits and success achieved through the adoption of PLM.
  • Uncover key strategies: Gain practical insights into how PLM can revolutionize manufacturing processes and deliver exceptional value to your organization.

Practical information:

The webinar is held July 6 at 9:00, you can sign up through the form.

In case you are unable to join at this particular time, you can sign up for our 'second round' when we re-do the webinar after the summer vacation.

The speakers:

Bo Rixen

PLM responsible, 9altitudes Denmark

Teresa Ventura

GTM Director, 9altitudes

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