Beyond ERP: Why Embracing PLM is a Game-Changer

Join us for an engaging 30-minute webinar, the first in our series Navigating Complexity: Unlocking Business Potential in the Manufacturing Industry.

August 23. august, 09:00 

What you can expect:

In this session, our experts will dive into the critical question: "Will PLM become as important as ERP?" and explore why Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has emerged as a transformative force within manufacturing operations.

In this 30-minutes session we will be joined by PTC’s Leading expert, Sylvine Datry, to shed light on the vital role that PLM plays in driving success and revolutionizing manufacturing processes.

The Agenda:

  • Industry Trends and the Rise of PLM: Gain valuable insights into the latest trends shaping the manufacturing landscape and understand why PLM has become an essential catalyst for success.
  • Get insights from experts: Learn about PTC's value model as we explore real-world customer examples that highlight the tangible benefits and success achieved through the adoption of PLM.
  • Uncover key strategies: Gain practical insights into how PLM can revolutionize manufacturing processes and deliver exceptional value to your organization.

Practical information:

The webinar is held August 23. at 9:00 AM, you can sign up through the form.

The speakers:

Bo Rixen

PLM responsible, 9altitudes Denmark

Sylvine Datry

Worldwide PLM Channel Strategy and Programs Director, PTC

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