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As a service provider, you face many different challenges. From collaborating with partners to keeping track of your installations and/or customer behaviors in order to ultimately offer a proactive customer service and excel in what you do best.

Provide the strongest possible customer experience

Our 9altitudes service solutions can be divided into three different areas: technical services, professional services and membership organizations. Each one of them has its own specific processes with always the same goal: to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

Technical services refers to companies that provide technical maintenance of machines and equipments to multiple customers.

Professional services aims at optimizing customers and employees relationship based on knowledge and trust in order to offer them an optimal experience.

Membership organizations need to be able to provide value in membership while keep inspiring the area with their knowledge and skills.

Challenges in the services area

Unlike other product-oriented companies, service providers sell knowledge and expertise and mostly rely on people to create and deliver value to their customers. This brings out many specific challenges important to tackle to survive in the current and coming world.

Technical services

Having visibility on resource availability and capabilities for maintenance and breakdowns.

Providing instant access to customers, part or service order (historical) data to field engineers.

Being able to minimize down-time of customer critical devices with predictive maintenance.

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Professional services

Making the right decisions with the right planning insights.

Collaborating with Sales, Operations and Finance in an integrated way.

Implementing a business platform where we can register complex projects, including capacity planning and time registration.

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Membership organizations

Remaining relevant for existing and new members and demonstrating added value. 

Building personal contact and an intimate relationship with members through communication. 

Making the transformation from a traditional organization to a digital organization.

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