How to create an effective test strategy

In your company, you constantly face challenges in ensuring that your ERP system functions optimally and supports the company's growth. One of the critical factors in this process is testing.

Testing, regardless of the phase it occurs in, is often deprioritized. However, it is crucial for detecting errors, ensuring correct configuration and data integrity, and optimizing the system's functionality.

Here at 9altitudes, we recognize the importance of a robust testing strategy for the success of companies with software solutions.

Testing: An investment, not an expense

Many business leaders view the testing phase as an expense. However, we argue that it is an investment with high returns.

An effective testing strategy reduces the need for reworking changes, saving time and resources. Furthermore, thorough testing facilitates a deeper understanding of the system, which leads to better decision-making and optimization of business processes.

Training the company's testers

We are committed to empowering companies by enhancing their internal testing capabilities. By training internal testers and users to conduct effective tests, companies can achieve greater control over their systems and respond more swiftly to changes and new requirements.

Who is testing? You or your partner?

We acknowledge that there is often a gap between companies' expectations of their software partners and what they actually receive. We aim to help bridge this gap by offering consulting on testing and training that aligns with the needs and expectations of companies.

How to get started?

You play a key role in ensuring your ERP system supports the company's goals. If you're looking to improve your company's testing strategy and optimize the system's performance, don't hesitate to contact us at 9altitudes.

We offer customized training programs and testing solutions tailored to your needs, aimed at elevating your testing practices. Let's work together to create a testing strategy that strengthens your company and ensures its long-term success.

Let's talk about testing

Anette Ungstrup Petersen

Senior Consultant & Test Manager, DK

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