Digital Advisory

Many digital transformation initiatives fail to meet their goals. Digital Advisory becomes the essential catalyst for success, bridging the gap between vision and achievement.

Are you ready for a better digital tomorrow?

The digital possibilities are endless - so how do you ensure that you prioritise the right projects and create a coherent digital transformation that creates a real difference for your company?

Our advice: get a Business Value Assessment (BVA).Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to delivering customized strategies tailored to address your unique challenges. Whether you're revamping your digital presence or optimizing specific operations, our methodology ensures pragmatic and sustainable results.

What to expect of a Business Value Assessment?

The Business Value Assessment is designed to meticulously analyze and evaluate the Business Value within your organization, centered around four fundamental pillars:

1. Strategic Guidance:

Our journey begins by understanding your business inside and out — your goals, challenges, and opportunities. Our team of experts then crafts a customized digital strategy aligned with your vision. This ensures that every technological decision serves as a stepping stone toward your business's long-term success.

2. Technology Assessment:

We conduct an evaluation of your existing digital infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and recommending solutions that enhance both your operations and end-customer experiences. Our goal is to optimize your technological landscape for maximum efficiency and impact.

3. Business Value Roadmap:

Together, we develop a comprehensive roadmap that defines the desired strategic outcomes and lays out sequenced phases to achieve them. This roadmap becomes a guiding document, ensuring a clear path towards your digital transformation goals.

4. Change Management:

Change is constant, especially in the digital landscape. We provide robust change management strategies to help your organization adapt seamlessly to new technologies, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum adoption.

Find your path to success

At 9altitudes, we are not just advisors; we are partners in your digital transformation journey. Let's empower your business for sustained success.

Customer Obsession Scan

During this scan, the customer will gain insights into how well customer-centricity is prioritized in operations and identify areas for improvement.

ERP Assessment
The assessment aims to assess the company's financial process health, operational efficiency, risk management, and compliance with relevant regulations.
Field Service ROI Calculation
This assessment aims to analyze the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance of the services provided by field services provided by field technicians or teams.
Change Management Inspiration Workshop
This workshop aims to understand the potential impact of the proposed changes on various aspects of the organization and its stakeholders.
Digital Transformation Scan

The scan aims to provide actinable insights and recommendations for implementing technology-driven changes that align with the organization's goals.

Innovation Inspiration Workshop
An innovation workshop provides valuable insights to guide the organization in fostering a more innovative and competitive environment.
PLM Value Assessment
The assessment will answer why the customer should do something and why do it now. we illustrate this through the creation of a PLM business case.
Sustainability Reporting Roadmap
This assessment helps businesses identify areas for improvement and enhance transparency in their sustainability efforts.
Industry 4.0 PoC
The PoC is an evaluation aimed at exploring the potential benefits of implementing an IoT-enabled connected manufacturing environment.

Ready to take your company to new heights?

If you are unsure about which assessment is the right one for your company, then reach out, and we together find the right path for you and your company.

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