AR solutions

Augmented Reality (AR) is not necessarily the first priority when developing your organization. But maybe it should be. Because AR can be used in many different ways - and could become an important tool in your organization.

Leverage many opportunities with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality lets the user combine what they see with data. No matter if the user is using smart glasses, a tablet or even a mobile phone, AR can help the user obtain information that can help them in a wide range of different situations.

AR can e.g., be used in training situations, to support a service technician, or even in the sales process to show a potential customer how a big industrial machine would look like in their facilities.

The benefits of AR

Increase collaboration

With Augmented Reality you can enhance your collaboration - e.g., across departments or even countries. A trainee in the field can e.g., get help from a highly skilled technician from the office.

Worker guides

AR can also be used to make guides for employees. AR-based work instructions can for example ensure that employees follow prescribed safety and regulatory guidelines, ensuring the safety of personnel.


AR limits travel time for experts to help technicians in the field and avoids the need for big printed user manuals. 

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