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As a membership organization, your daily activities revolve around cultivating strong bonds between members and the organization through shared values and commitment, with the goal of providing an enriching experience. You specialize in offering customized solutions and advice focused on your members' needs, and you strive to provide proactive support and expertise. With a commitment to overcoming obstacles and enhancing member satisfaction, you are adept at navigating challenges to provide exceptional service.

Getting future-ready by embracing digitization and integrated solutions

Membership organizations encompass a wide range of operational processes focused on managing membership and financial activities to efficiently support a diverse community. These organizations face unique challenges compared to product-oriented businesses, where their success depends on the expertise and empathetic skills of their team members. Effective governance, strategy development, collaboration and communication are critical to achieving goals. 

The emergence of digital platforms presents significant opportunities for member organizations to maximize their potential. Many organizations rely on external partners to focus on their core functions, making it essential for member organizations to embrace digitization and integrated IT solutions to improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

Common challenges facing membership organizations

Complex membership models
Lack of 360-degree member view
Varied relationship and membership management
Invoicing & receivables management
Processing events and courses
Personalized marketing

Transform your challenges into opportunities with digitization

The structure of your membership organization is key to addressing the unique challenges you encounter, emphasizing the importance of aligning your technical solutions with your member-centric approach. Establishing a digital common thread throughout your organization is vital, providing the necessary backbone your organization needs to excel amidst future challenges. This digital cohesion promotes enhanced communication, efficiency, and innovation across your organization.

For companies offering membership services, it's imperative to ensure that your technology not only matches your distinctive business model but is also supported by a seamlessly integrated digital infrastructure. This strategic harmony, empowered by the digital common thread, lays the groundwork for growth and resilience, equipping your organization to not just meet, but to surmount upcoming challenges, by optimizing member and employee relationships based on knowledge and trust, thereby delivering an optimal experience and making informed decisions with precise insights.

Challenges our membership service customers have successfully navigated

Registration of all types of memberships and subscriptions

For both individuals and companies. Includes all types of terms such as: calendar year vs broken year, pro rata calculation, split period, add free months for new joiners.

Maintaining individuals with multiple roles and functions

In the common example that one person performs three different roles: manager at a company, owner of own company and lecturer at university.

Maintaining groups, committees and collaborations

Keeping track of all participants with their roles and duration. Such as: boards, sections, departments, network and others.

Offering full omnichannel member service

Where members can submit questions, ask advice or give complaints. For example, via email, portal, chat, Teams, WhatsApp, Facebook and others.

Maintain records and licenses for accreditation teaching points

Necessary for specific professions to meet quality standards. Professions such as: physical therapists, psychologists, real estate agents, physicians, etc.

Benefit from standard Microsoft integrations

Outlook integration to synchronize emails, tasks and appointments. SharePoint integration for document management. Teams integration for collaborations (e.g. combined groups, committees and partnerships).

Arrange your entire accounts receivable management

Accounts receivable management from Dynamics 365 including collections, bank payments, reminders and dunning. Accounting is also fully covered.

Keeping track of events and courses, and the billing

Register participants, speakers, lecturers, etc. Capture their attendance with a QR code scan. All types of billing settings are supported.

Communicate through the member portal

Give members access to their own personal data and ability to change it (self-service).

Learn how others have done it

Unlock the potential of a common digital thread to elevate your membership service operations.

Every organisation is unique, shaped not only by its business but especially by its people. Your position on the digital transformation journey is influenced by these factors, and we're here to provide tailored support. Whether you're a service organization, like e.g. a membership-driven entity, or a manufacturing company with a substantial service department, our team is ready to assist. 

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Are you leveraging the transformative power of AI to change the service game?

For membership service organizations, managing the deluge of data is a perpetual challenge. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze and derive insights from this data can lead to substantial optimizations. This represents just one of the many avenues through which AI can enhance operational efficiency in your membership service organization.

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