Optimize your projects with data-driven decisions

  • 30/04/2024

Data-driven decisions are the way to success

Imagine an item number whose value at the beginning of the year amounts to EUR 2,000 in the warehouse, but by the end of the year rises to EUR 4,000. With access to easily accessible reporting, you can now more easily discover these patterns that are harmful to your inventory and capacity, which enables timely actions to improve the situation.

Another use of BI is the optimization of purchasing and production processes. By analyzing historical purchasing data, you can identify trends and price developments, and thus make informed decisions about alternatives to expensive products. On the production front, you can also analyze pre- and post-calculations to identify areas of inefficiency and opportunities for improvement.

You can therefore identify patterns, trends and potential risks that you would otherwise have overlooked. This allows you to predict future challenges, optimize processes and take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise be lost. By letting data guide your decisions, you can ensure that your business is moving in the right direction.

Time wasted on data collection and lack of action

How can you make sure your decisions are based on facts and not just intuition? The answer lies in Business Intelligence (BI).

When you spend most of your time sifting through data and preparing reports, there is less time to act on the insights you find. This leads to lost opportunities to optimize processes, improve results and create real change in the organization. In other words, you are caught in a cycle of reactivity instead of proactivity.

There is a solution to this challenge and it is called 9A Smart Insights. Implementing a reporting platform based on standard components is the key to making BI easily and effectively available in your organization.

By leveraging well-tested and robust tools and technologies, you can quickly implement a BI solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Such a platform minimizes time consumption and it is easy for you and your colleagues to access the insights you need to make informed decisions.

With a standardized reporting platform, you can minimize the complexity and costs of implementing BI in your organization and ensure that you get maximum value from your data across systems.

This frees up valuable time that you can use to act on the insights and create real change in the organization.

Business Intelligence with assistance from Copilot

In the future, we expect the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in BI to change the way companies work with the data. With AI powered BI tools, it will be easier for users to take control of their own data analysis and reporting. Users will be able to create their own reports without the need for in-depth technical knowledge or assistance to a much greater extent than now.

You can already make it easier to implement AI, such as Copilot by securing a structured data platform that harvests data across your systems. Get started with BI and work with one truth so that you can act on the insights it provides.

Gain even more insight into your data

9A Smart Insights is a pre-built solution for Dynamics 365 FO, BC and CE that connects and compares your data down to the smallest detail. This means that you have the opportunity to build your dashboards faster on your business data - and at the same time gain even deeper insight into your data.

With 9A Smart Insights, you get a better database - with fewer resources.

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