Artificial Intelligence

In today's fast-paced, data-driven world, it's crucial for businesses to understand and utilize the added value of AI. Leveraging AI technology to streamline processes, enhance decision-making and gain a competitive edge is a game-changing strategy to propel your business to reach new heights of success. 

Create value with Data and AI

Companies across the globe are diligently exploring their AI maturity, a journey that involves assessing current capabilities, defining strategic objectives, and implementing a roadmap to achieve AI transformation. 

As a company, you need to resolve several important questions to ensure the success of this project:

  • Is there a strong business case supporting the use of AI in this scenario?
  • Does the company require a specialized AI solution tailored to a specific problem, or can the objectives be achieved with pre-built AI software?
  • What is the level of AI expertise within the company? Is there a need for additional staff training?
  • How will the introduction of AI affect existing workflows and processes?
  • What are the ethical considerations related to the use of AI in this context?

Reliable and sufficient data is foundational to the successful implementation of Artificial Intelligence in businesses. AI algorithms "learn" from data, refining their predictions and decisions over time. The quality, volume, and relevancy of the data directly influence the accuracy and effectiveness of the AI system. 

With insufficient or unreliable data, AI systems may produce flawed outputs, leading to inaccurate predictions, sub-optimal decisions, and potentially significant business risk.

Therefore, the first step in your AI journey is building a great data structure. Our intelligent data platform, 9A Smart Insights makes it easier to collect, manage and analyze your data. 

“For every $1 a company invests in AI, it is realizing an average of $3,5 in return”.

Microsoft study through IDC

The Business Opportunity of AI

The benefits of AI

Enhanced productivity
AI facilitates the automation of mundane and repetitive tasks. Implementing the right AI tools increase efficiency by freeing up your team's time, allowing them to focus on more complex, high-value tasks that require a human touch.
Elevated user experience
Dynamics 365 Copilot utilizes the power of AI to enrich your team's work experience, optimizing efficiency and providing a faster route to valuable insights, thus boosting overall workplace satisfaction.
Insightful predictive analytics
By leveraging AI models, companies can anticipate outcomes and perceive trends with greater accuracy. This foresight provides deeper insight, enabling proactive decision-making and strategic planning.
Accurate forecasting

AI significantly enhances your company's forecasting and demand planning, minimizing stock shortages and maximizing sales. By predicting demand more accurately, you can effectively streamline your inventory management, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

AI use case examples

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot
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Our team of experts can help you reach new heights:

  • With years of experience in data engineering, data science, and data visualization, our team brings unparalleled expertise to every project.

  • We weave digital common threads infused with Artificial Intelligence, leveraging our deep understanding of your business processes. This allows us to quickly assess your needs and determine the potential success of an AI project.

Interested in learning about AI? 

We got you covered. We've put together a bunch of blog articles that talk about how AI can help your business. We keep it simple and inspiring, showing you where AI can fit in and make things better. If you're just starting out, our introductory article is a great place to start!

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