Field Service: increase efficiency and customer delight

Unleash unrivaled efficiency and take your field service organization to the next level with 9A Field Service based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Optimize your Field Service, provide exceptional service and enrich the customer experience.

In a swiftly evolving business environment characterized by heightened customer expectations, increasingly intricate products, and escalating costs associated with raw materials and salaries, having the appropriate tool is absolutely vital. Furthermore, challenges related to talent acquisition, sustainability, and service transformation are looming on the horizon. Explore how our cutting-edge solution not only assists in enhancing planning, streamlining operational procedures, and elevating the customer experience, but also in positioning your organization as an appealing prospect for the field service technicians of the future. Support your organization with Field Service Management Software based on user-friendly and familiar Microsoft technology, seamlessly integrated with AI to support your employees daily as a Copilot, giving you an edge over other companies.

The main challenges within Field Service we solved for our customers

Optimized Service Scheduling

Achieve optimal service intervention scheduling with minimal downtime and an exceptional customer experience.

First-Time Resolution Excellence (FTR)

Attain the highest First-Time Resolution (FTR) rates through the availability of expertise, spare parts, information, and support.

Seamless Digital Process Integration

Streamline your operations with fully integrated digital processes, reducing data entry errors and losses. This integration ensures accelerated billing through seamless connections with other applications.

Exceeding Customer Satisfaction

Go beyond customer expectations by delivering superior customer satisfaction, fostering client intimacy, and providing IoT-based services.

What is Field Service Management Software?

Field Service Management Software is a powerful solution that enables businesses to more effectively manage and optimize their field service operations.

This software streamlines challenges such as:

  • Demand Management
  • Work scheduling & dispatching
  • Digital task allocation, support & guidance
  • Digital administration handling & debrief to back office
  • Process insights & KPI monitoring
  • And so much more...

It allows organizations to gain real-time insight into the location and status of their employees, enabling them to plan more efficiently and respond to service requests promptly. With Field Service Management Software, companies can improve the productivity of their field service teams and enhance customer satisfaction through quicker responses and better communication.

Why invest in Field Service Management software

Investing in Field Service Management software provides the following:

✓ Reducing Operational Costs: Enhanced digital processes translate into reduced repetitive data entry and manual tasks, such as automated service reports and digital capabilities for time tracking and vacation requests. A shorter service-to-billing cycle results in lower DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

✓ Enhancing Product Quality: Our ongoing practical inspections provide valuable insights for product optimization. Digital service reports with checklists enable thorough analysis and optimization, leading to more efficient and customer-centric services, ultimately resulting in higher product quality.

✓ Enhancing the Customer Experience: Our Field Service solutions establish a single version of truth and shared knowledge within your organization, providing better insights and higher first-time resolution rates. Improved planning and automated processes ensure efficient and customer-focused service, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

✓ Boosting RevenueLeverage insights and cross-selling notifications to expand opportunities. No longer miss pricing adjustments with automated contract terms. Optimize sales by accessing the complete price history and insights. Connect products to generate revenue from service.

An investment in Field Service repays within the year. We are convinced!

Find out how quick your company will return the investment in Field Service management software and take your service department to new heights! Easily calculate your estimated Return on Investment (ROI) and discover why almost in all situations ROI is realized within one year.

Enhance your Field Service performance with 9A Field Service

In today's business landscape, various business models face distinct challenges. We take an in-depth look at two key sectors and highlight how 9A Field Service, based on Dynamics 365 Field Service, is the key to success in these complex environments.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain companies: optimizing Field Service

In the dynamic landscape of Manufacturing & Supply Chain companies, Field Service plays a pivotal role as an extension of their ERP system. These companies face an array of challenges, including the seamless integration of Field Service with ERP, managing technical operations, and addressing workforce turnover due to the retirement of experienced personnel.

The increasing complexity of products demands that field technicians receive support from remote experts. Additionally, accurate consumption tracking is essential for automated procurement and MRP activation. A clear overview of technical skills and technician availability is crucial for effective planning and customer-focused assignments.

To remain attractive to new generations and facilitate knowledge transfer, these companies must reinvent themselves as appealing employers. Technology plays a central role in this transformation, not only to enhance operational efficiency but also to attract new talent. Discover six ways in which Field Service Management software can assist you in the battle for talent.

Technical Service Companies: achieving excellence in Service Management

For Technical Service companies, the focus revolves around delivering high-quality service and managing intricate projects. A customized Field Service Management solution is indispensable to effectively address this complexity. Keeping track of asset locations, service history, and gaining insight into customer relationships are all essential components.

With the rise of the subscription economy, Technical Service companies are transitioning to as-a-service models with the aid of IoT (Internet of Things). IoT plays a crucial role in real-time monitoring, maintenance, and proactive services, leading to new revenue streams and enhanced customer value.

Challenges like talent acquisition and knowledge transfer remain prominent. Technology is the key to attracting talent and providing top-tier service.

FEATURED: Joulz boosts Field Service with Copilot

To stay ahead in the world of field service innovations, our customer Joulz showed tremendous enthusiasm to participate with us in the product preview of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service. We are helping to test and provide feedback on Copilot's capabilities, which uses next-generation AI to support frontline service professionals in simplifying tasks and reducing time to resolution.

9A Field Service built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

The future of Field Service Management begins with Dynamics 365 Field Service. This groundbreaking solution enhances the efficiency of field service operations by combining seamless integration, familiarity, and user-friendliness. What sets Dynamics 365 Field Service apart is its intelligent utilization of advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and cloud computing.

The integration of 9A Field Service with Dynamics 365 Field Service takes operational capabilities to new heights. With features like advanced time tracking, enhanced map visualization, and more, supported by our D9A Kickstart methodology for rapid implementation, 9A Field Service is the key to improved field service performance.

Step into the future of Field Service Management with 9A Field Service and Dynamics 365 Field Service. Go beyond traditional management and unlock the power of advanced technologies for unparalleled intelligence and user-friendliness.

How do you start your quest to find a field service management software that suits your company and fulfils your needs?

In this white paper, we delve into this process, exploring what you can expect from a field service management solution, which features are crucial, and how to approach the quest for a suitable package.

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Pricing: what to expect for your business?

Our job is to simplify your journey to the summit, ensuring a smoother climb to new heights where you continuously feel safeguarded and in control. That's exactly why we've made it possible for you to obtain already a high-level budget estimation.

How? By completing this guiding questionnaire, we can estimate the project implementation investment and the monthly Microsoft license estimate, based on our experience in implementing many projects like the one you envision.

While Digital Transformation projects are typically complex and connected from many angles we tried to simplify this first budget indication for you based on our experience. However we would like to note that the questionnaire needs to take the full complexity of your business needs and the possibilities into account to give a good-fit budget indication, so please reserve between 5 and 10 minutes of your time to be able to answer the questions Your thorough responses will enable us to partner with you on your journey towards achieving remarkable digital transformation and success. Once completed, our system will instantly generate a customized estimate, sent directly to your email. No complicated steps—just a direct path to the solutions you need.

If the questionnaire feels too much, please reach out and we will contact you to talk everything through and provide you with the required information.

Are you ready to receive your tailored estimation on how your digital future could look like?

Frequently asked questions
What are the key challenges in the field service industry?

a. Rising customer expectations: customers increasingly expect more personalized and direct services.

b. Significant increase in costs of assets, raw materials, energy and personnel: additional pressure on financial resources and necessary strategies to control expenses.

c. Continued increase in product complexity: causes design, production and maintenance challenges, requiring companies to be flexible.

d. Experienced employees are leaving the workplace or retiring, combined with a war on talent. Find out in this blog how to take on the war on talent with Field Service Management Software.

e. Climate change leads to a global shift towards sustainability: it forces companies to embrace sustainable business practices and adapt to environmental concerns.

How can a field service solution help you minimise downtime?

a. You stay on top of what's going on with real-time information. The service team can be on site before a problem escalates. During repairs, the field service solution provides continuous assistance and support to ensure the process runs smoothly. Afterward, detailed analysis provides deeper insight, allowing you to identify the cause of the problem and prevent future downtime.

b. With predictive maintenance, potential problems can be tackled before they become critical. This not only minimizes downtime, but also makes your company more proactive and efficient in managing service-related challenges.

What are the benefits for service managers when using a field service solution?

Thanks to efficient work planning and real-time dispatching, tasks can be optimally distributed, allowing service managers to maintain control over the team. Direct communication, both internally and with customers, is made easier, contributing to a smooth handling of tasks and increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, the integrated data analysis provides service managers with deeper insight into performance and the ability to identify continuous improvements.

How does a field service solution help service administrators?

With a seamless transition to a digital process, workflows are optimized and operational processes modernized. Improved scheduling tools enable back-office staff to allocate tasks more effectively, while instant insight into technicians and inventory levels enables quick response. This collaboration boosts efficiency, directly contributing to increased customer satisfaction within your service team. But it also ensures that you reduce operational costs, explained more in detail in this blog.

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a field service solution?

a. To begin with, the solution should not be a standalone application but should be seamlessly integrated into the end-to-end process. Decision-makers should also look at achieving both internal and customer objectives to realize maximum value.

b. A future-proof solution is crucial; it must be ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This way, choosing a field service solution becomes a strategic investment, meeting not only current but also future needs. This white paper will help you get started in choosing Field Service Management software that suits your business.

How can a field service solution help save costs?

a. By deploying technicians more efficiently, travel time is minimized, and more work orders can be completed in a day.

b. Implementing predictive maintenance shifts the repair process to a more convenient time, which not only reduces costs but also increases operational efficiency.

c. A higher first-time fix ratio contributes to cost savings by reducing the need for recurring visits. Moreover, reducing operational and manual administrative actions results in a streamlined workflow, therefore reducing labor costs.

d. Today, there is growing awareness that poor service costs money. More so, the risk of losing customers is real after a bad experience with customer service or field service.

How quickly can I expect my investment in field service management software to pay off?

We believe that the investment in field service management software can be recovered within a year. This is supported by our the experience and customer feedback. Key factors such as real-time information, predictive maintenance, efficient work planning and integrated data analysis contribute to this quick return on investment.

What technologies, such as IoT and AI, are being integrated into field service solutions?

a. In field service solutions, technology integrations not only extend to techniques but also cover other essential processes. From production and asset management (Ebom, Mbom, Sbom) to customer service, sales and contract management; these solutions form a complete ecosystem.

b. IoT is undeniably a dominant force within these integrations. The growing connectivity of assets offers opportunities for predictive maintenance, real-time insight into sensors and solving problems even before customers experience them. Preventing machine and production downtime, as well as remotely issuing commands to machines, such as a restart, minimizes the need for an on-site technician.

c. The future of field service solutions is even more defined by its integration with AI. This technology will bring significant benefits, ranging from increased employee productivity to improved quality and communication with customers. Did you know that we already have a first case live where Copilot Field Service is giving a huge boost? Next-generation AI is currently being deployed to support frontline service professionals in simplifying tasks and reducing time to resolution. The era of AI has arrived, and the benefits are already being felt in the optimization of several business processes.

What are measurable benefits that companies can gain from a field service solution?

A higher first-time fix ratio not only ensures satisfied customers, but also reduces operational costs. More efficient use of employees means that resources are used in the best possible way, which benefits the overall costs. The digitalization of processes contributes to increased productivity, while improved communication leads to higher customer satisfaction.

What role do mobile apps have in field service solutions for technicians?

They provide significant productivity gains as paper receipts become unnecessary and therefore fewer errors are made, resulting in faster invoicing of performed services. Besides, a mobile app acts as a valuable digital tool for technicians. With features such as a digital knowledge base, instruction manuals and the ability to get remote support from colleagues, troubleshooting becomes more efficient and effective. Moreover, mobile apps can use advanced technologies such as digital twins and projections, where common actions are displayed as video. This not only increases the autonomy of technicians, but also strengthens the overall service quality within the manufacturing industry.

How do field service solutions ensure seamless communication between technicians and administrative staff?

Because they work within one and the same application, a digital common thread is created between the various departments. This ensures that technicians go out with the right information, parts and asset data, and that feedback from the technician to the back office is instant. This not only boosts the efficiency of communication, but also strengthens cooperation between teams within the service chain.

What security measures are used in field service solutions to protect sensitive data?

Both applications and devices can be secured in multiple ways, such as two-factor authentication, automatic logout or other tools from the Microsoft ecosystem for device management that allow a device to be automatically wiped if it does not connect to the cloud. This way, a robust security layer is added, ensuring the integrity of corporate data.

What are the benefits of using advanced data analytics and reporting in field service solutions?

The use of advanced data analytics and reporting in field service solutions offers significant benefits for decision-making. The data coming from machines in the field and associated operations provide valuable insights. Besides optimizations in the service process itself, this data provides useful information for R&D purposes. Examples include analyzing product uptime, identifying parts with frequent problems, and investigating causes, such as possible component faults or insufficient protection in construction.

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