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Discrete manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving with market conditions that continuously change. These market conditions affect manufacturing companies differently depending on how they do business. Therefore, there are many trails towards the summit. We help you shape your path.

What is excellent today, may not be good enough tomorrow

As customer expectations continue to rise, the pace at which your company must evolve is also accelerating. Your current competitive advantage, whether it's customer intimacy, product leadership, or operational excellence, runs the risk of becoming the industry norm in a short period of time.

Common challenges our discrete manufacturing customers are facing:

Ever-increasing product complexity and significant cost increase
Climate change leads to a global shift in sustainability
Ever rising customer expectations
The war for talent

Explore the trails of manufacturing

Your business model has a huge impact on the challenges your company is facing. Therefore your technical solutions need to match your business - creating the support your organization need to grow and thrive, despite the challenges that arrives in the future. 

Demystify the trails of manufacturing

A digital common thread can be a significant change to your company

Discrete manufacturing companies have to face many specific challenges to face the challenges of tomorrow's world. New technologies offer endless possibilities in order to build a path toward industry 4.0. These are just some of the benefits you can leverage

Ever-increasing product complexity

One of the increasing market demands is the need for customizations. This creates more product configurations and increases your complexity. With an integrated set-up, you become able to manage this complexity efficiently.

Reduced time-to-market

The speed of which technology, products etc. evolve is only increasing. Therefore your time-to-market will have a big impact on your customers experience. By connecting your design and manufacturing processes you can decrease your time-to-market.

Supply chain proximity and security

Making sure you always have the right raw materials available, while keeping your inventory level low, can be challenging. Integrated business applications, you support you in keeping the balance - and notify you when a change of plans is needed.

Evolution of business models

Many manufacturing companies experience an evolution in their business model. It can be the evolvement of a pay-per-use model, a bigger focus on spare part production and offering service agreements.

Cost optimization

Increasing customer expectations and rising prices makes is a challenging combination when you want to keep your costs under control. With the right tools, you can become able to adapt your design, production processes and field services activities based on real-time insights. This helps you be in control - e.g. of your costs.

Green manufacturing

Your company's footprint is both affected by your direct and indirect actions - how do you e.g. take a raw material's CO2 footprint into account in your purchasing process? This is just one example of situations, where the right internal system should support your business processes.

Are you leveraging AI in your manufacturing company?

Manufacturing processes often generate large volumes of data, which when using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain insights and trends in these data, can lead to significant optimizations. This is just one example of how you can leverage AI in your manufacturing company.

Not within discrete manufacturing? Explore the different paths within manufacturing

The way you do business, have a huge impact on the challenges you face. Manufacturing is not just manufacturing. So if you do not recognize yourself in the challenges above, you are probably on a different path. 

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