Aminolabs is a manufacturer of sports & health nutrition in the form of powders, tablets and capsules. The company was looking for an integrated ERP system that would allow them to work with uniform data across departments. This brought Aminolabs to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain and 9altitudes.

An integrated system

By using different, parallel software packages within their process flow, Aminolabs was experiencing conflicts and anomalies around data accuracy. Therefore, they started looking for an ERP system where data is centralized. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain made this possible, integrating the processes going from sales, R&D, planning, purchasing, production and logistics.

"We already notice that the flow of information between departments is much smoother."

Tine Knaepen

IT Manager, Aminolabs

Aminolabs had assigned its own team of dedicated key users to this project. Even during the covid-19 period, the cooperation between the two parties remained good. "We could appreciate that 9altitudes involved different specialists per domain in the project," explains Jürgen De Bock, ERP Project Director at Aminolabs.

Quality collaboration


Reliable cost calculation

Timekeeping within production ensures reliable cost calculation.

Centralized data

The ERP system allows you to centralize data, so you're looking at the same data from different departments.


Dynamics 365 complements other Microsoft applications, making integrations with other Microsoft systems easier.

"Normally this project was going to happen in two phases, namely going live with the new ERP system and further optimizations, but 9altitudes accomplished everything in one phase with limited impact on budget and go-live date."

Jürgen De Bock

ERP Project Director

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