SCIA is an international software company active in the construction industry based in Hasselt, Belgium. To be able to work transparently and flexibly, SCIA decided to switch to the cloud applications Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales, customer service and marketing. This enables them to work from different locations and have a 360° overview of their customers.

An integrated platform

By using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, SCIA's sales and customer service department have a complete overview of their customers' activities and cases. The integrated Microsoft platform allows data to flow seamlessly between the marketing, sales and customer service apps. For example, sales can view a particular customer's cases in the sales app and request more information if desired. This way, SCIA maintains a 360° overview of the ins and outs of their customers.

"The integrated platform allows us to generate an overall picture of our customers, so we can respond to already logged cases during a sales call."

Irca Schepers

Account Manager, SCIA


Any place, any time, any device

The cloud solution Dynamics 365 makes it possible to access the applications from different locations.

Overall picture in all departments

The integration between sales and customer service allows both departments to generate an overall view of the customer.

Overview from lead to customer

Dynamics 365 for Sales helps SCIA's sales maintain an overview of the entire sales cycle, from lead to opportunity to customer.

"Dynamics 365 give us the necessary transparency on all logged cases, so we can follow up customer inquiries from different countries."

Gino Vanstraelen

Customer Service Expert at SCIA

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the cloud story, SCIA can access the sales and customer service app from different locations. This has provided more flexibility during the covid-19 period in recent years, among others.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud

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