Dynamics 365 Marketing

Who says you need a big marketing team to get things done? Connect with your target audience through automation. This will bring your sales and marketing teams together so they can be there at the right time, in the right place with the right message.

A better collaboration between sales and marketing

Combining segmented data from Dynamics 365 Sales with customer insight from the activities in Dynamics 365 Marketing, keeps your customer activation relevant. With automated marketing you can target your audience with personalized messaged, generating unique experiences, warm leads and fueled sales.

Warm leads with relevant messages

Create warm leads and loyal customers with relevant customer journeys, based on fully integrated marketing and sales data.

- Get to know your leads and keep them warm for increased sales

- Level up your email campaigns and stay top of mind on your customers - with relevant messages that matches the buying process level.

- Base your business decisions on real customer insights and track your success – with real-time data that connects with your other business systems.


Save time and resources, without compromising your ambitions. Dynamics 365 Marketing will increase your sales with less effort and improve your customer insights – for even more relevant engagement with your most wanted audience.

Intuitive to use

TheMarketing app has a well-known Dynamics 365 user interface and is fully integrated to existing business systems.

Data enrichment

With a two-waydata-flow, both the sales andmarketing systems willbenefit from the real-time data flow

More for less

With automation you will have fewer tasks save you timeand also money - and youdon’t need to expand your team

Compatible with all channels

Easily combine data from e-mailmarketing with data from social media, event management and othermarketing channels.

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