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Wholesales & Distribution

As a wholesale or distributor player, you are active on a global scale. Even when serving your customers locally, products are imported worldwide with the best possible quality, price and timing. In that context, digital transformation is key to become leader on this aggressive market.

It's time to innovate

The wholesale & distribution industry has been characterized as very traditional for quite a long time. In that context, digital transformation is now incredibly important to face this pressure to innovate and provide the best customer experience via an efficient supply chain management. This will help you ensure that your company maintains a constant flow that matches your customers needs. Our expertise in this industry includes wholesales and distributors of two types of products.

Customer goods, which consists in serving your end-customers with a variety of goods to handle individually.

Heavy machinery sold by wholesales and distributor companies that provide the market with hefty vehicles, mostly used in the construction area.


Automating your processes from sales to the delivery of the product is key. This suppose to provide your customers with the best omnichannel buying experience, while dealing with high levels of complexity in planning.

Faster delivery demand

The pressure around delivery capabilities has never been that high. Providing an inaccurate or extended delivery date could damage your brand image and make you loose a deal, as customers expect to receive their products as quickly as possible.

Inventory management & overstocking

Knowing how much stock you have left in your warehouse is key in your business. If you don't know how much you have left, you can't restock efficiently, which will cause delays in your deliveries. However, overstocking is not a solution as you'll have associated costs.

Optimize Pick, Pack, Ship Process

Use real-time insights offered by best-of-breed solutions to better support your planning management and take control of this crucial process.

Moving to e-commerce

E-commerce is not only for business-to-customer industries anymore. Building an online presence is key, but you also have to take into account security and maintenance aspects.

Take charge of the digital common thread in your organization

No two companies are exactly alike. Your business, particularly your team, plays a crucial role in determining where you stand on your digital transformation journey. We're prepared to offer the support tailored to your unique needs. Whether you require strategic guidance for your digital transformation or assistance with specific business applications, we're here to assist you. Ready to kickstart your journey and scale new heights securely? You've got it. We've got your back.

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Digital business transformation is what we do. Making sure organizations are ready to deliver for the end customer of today and those of tomorrow. Thanks to our industry expertise, we are able to combine speed and quality into your digital transformation journey.

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