Created in 1984, L-Acoustics designs, produces, and distributes sound systems for professionals and the residential market. Let’s take a closer look at the integration and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for L-Acoustics.

Why move to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

The idea of changing to a different ERP system first came about in 2017. Although the company was growing, its information system had become obsolete. Meanwhile, new entities with their own information systems joined the company. Consistency was a must.

"Why choose a cloud-based solution? First, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is and will always be sustainable. Second, it scales to the size of L-Acoustics. There is no need to invest in servers and reassess them each year as the company grows", says Sylvain Villard-Duran, Transformation Project Director at L-Acoustics.

The main result: simply a digitized business!

There are lots of benefits for the sound system manufacturer, as the company was looking for a user-friendly, agile solution. Let's go through some of them!

Insights on the company's performances

Real-time monitoring is key for L-Acoustics, as the company is now able to take quicker decisions and be more efficient both on the strategic and operational levels.

An excellent user experience

The solution is user-friendly, easy to understand, and quick to master. In addition, everyone is familiar with Microsoft.

Optimization of the traceability

A better traceability of components and finished products brings about more business performances and east collaboration between the Departments of the company.

Automated inventory checks
No more having to manually check the availability of each product with each order!
“We chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 because we knew it was an innovative, state-of-the-art solution.”

Sylvain Villard-Duran

Transformation Project Director

A real partnership with the 9altitudes team

There was a strong sense of teamwork between the 9altitude consultants and L-Acoustics employees, who learned how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 and, in particular, gained an understanding of how this ERP works.

Sylvain Villard-Duran, Transformation Project Director at L-Acoustics, recognizes a “real transfer of knowledge”. Today, L-Acoustics keeps learning about the Microsoft ERP solution based, while seeking assistance from 9altitudes when needed.

“9altitudes is more than an integrator. They are a partner", says Sylvain Villard-Duran.

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