Malmar, a manufacturer specializing in metal parts for the truck and bus industry as well as the construction equipment industry, embarked on a search for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. During their exploration, they discovered 9altitudes and underwent an ‘On Cloud9 Assessment’. Presently, Malmar is actively engaged in the implementation process alongside 9altitudes for ERP, Sales, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and the 9A Raptor Document Warehouse.

The search for a mature ERP system

According to Albéric De Buysscher, Business Development at Malmar, the company’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system no longer meets expectations. Currently, it primarily serves as an input mechanism, yielding limited information and insights. Moreover, Malmar has experienced significant growth in complexity over recent years, and the number of bugs within the current system also increased.

As a result, Malmar has made the strategic decision to seek a partner for the implementation of a new ERP system—one that can effectively address this complexity while minimizing the need for customization.

"Above all, it was the evident depth of knowledge and expertise that persuaded us to proceed with the On Cloud9 Assessment together with 9altitudes."

Albéric De Buysscher

Business Development, Malmar

Knowledge as a differentiator

“Following a referral from a former employee, we eventually connected with 9altitudes. Their recommendation was to conduct an ‘On Cloud9 Assessment’, which serves as a preliminary study to evaluate the alignment of Malmar’s processes with 9altitudes’ kickstart solution. Our specific interest lay in understanding how the intricacies of Malmar’s processes could be effectively integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain,” explained Albéric De Buysscher.

To carry out the assessment, Malmar had also approached other parties, both independent and ERP implementers such as 9altitudes: "Above all, it was the evident depth of knowledge and expertise that persuaded us to proceed with the On Cloud9 Assessment together with 9altitudes," explains Albéric. "Immediately, we sensed that 9altitudes comprehended our needs and had a thorough understanding of our processes."

Albéric De Buysscher, Business Development bij Malmar.

The intricacies within Malmar directly correlate with the utilization of all available functionality within the ERP system. Albéric explains, "It became clear after the assessment that our customization requirements are not the most complex. Nevertheless, we are committed to leveraging the full spectrum of features offered by the ERP system." Importantly, the scope of the On Cloud9 Assessment extends beyond ERP alone; it also encompasses EDI, the 9A Raptor Document Warehouse, Sales, and Business Intelligence (BI).

"The On Cloud9 Assessment went very smoothly," says Albéric. "All the issues we discussed together were included in the assessment. We were also satisfied with the results. After about 30 days, we had a complete document with all the requirements for the project based on our processes and 9altitudes' solutions."

On Cloud9 Assessment

The outcome: an implementation

Ultimately, Malmar opted to initiate an implementation process with 9altitudes for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and the 9A Raptor Document Warehouse—all based on the insights gleaned from the On Cloud9 Assessment. Albéric De Buysscher remarked, "The decision to proceed with 9altitudes for solution implementation became evident swiftly. The preliminary study allowed us to establish a productive partnership, and we also recognized the requisite expertise within the team."

"Thus far, our collaboration with 9altitudes has been seamless, characterized by efficient communication channels and prompt adjustments when needed."

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