Thanks to Tobroco-Giant's ambitious growth plans, the Dutch company had to work and draw smarter.


With the help of 9altitudes the engineers started working with the PTC Creo CAD program and these 3D models became the absolute basis for all the information throughout the company. From work instructions for the mechanics to manuals for the end customer.

Thanks to the PLM program PTC Windchill, this information and the latest adjustments are immediately shared throughout the organization.

Tobroco uses their 3D model throughout the entire organization


Information gathered in one system

Tobroco don’t have to procure everyone an expensive CAD licence. A 3D image always provides more information and context than a text document.

Acurate data therough out the business

People who, in the first instance, have nothing to do with engineering can access the document within the system, and can thereby always access the most recent version.

Partners can access the system

Foreign partners involved in the design of the product are given access to the system, as a result of which email traffic between colleagues and/or partners is kept to a minimum.

“Buying a software package, that's a trick and you learn it. But getting your people on board is a completely different story"

Toine Brock

Founder and Owner Tobroco-Giant

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