PTC Creo

Creo Parametric is the modern, flexible, scalable 3D CAD system that grows with your company - regardless of your business size. The software is the industry's most robust, scalable, and flexible 3D modeling software.

Use Creo to streamline your business processes

At 9altitudes, we implement, operate and service CAD solutions from PTC. We do this based on the system to make everyday life easier for your employees and help to create a digital thread in your business. Our experts have together serviced several hundred production companies and would also like to help you.

Endless possibilities

Parametric Modeling

With robust parametric modeling, models can be built rigorously and with a high degree of intelligence so that they can respond to unforeseen changes. The parametric starting point also makes Creo a natural first choice for automation tasks related to configuration and platform-based products.

Surface Modeling

3D CAD is not complete without robust surface modeling. With Creo, you get the opportunity to model exclusively in surfaces or in a mixture of solids and surfaces. This gives you maximum flexibility and robustness - even when it comes to the really complicated geometries.

Mechanism construction

Traditional mechanical construction often includes moving parts. They can be analyzed in mechanism functionality, where different types of motors can be attached, which affect your construction in the available degrees of freedom.

Cables and pipes

If you are constructing cabinets or chassis that contain significant amounts of cables or pipes, there is a good chance that you will want to use the Cabling and Piping functionality in Creo. Complete with the ability to read out connection information and pipe or cable lengths, it completes your digital construction.

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