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PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is an important element of your IT setup with modern production environments. PLM is more than just a software component - it is management of product data that can be used for development and optimization of internal and external communication.

Full traceability of your products' life cycle

Manufacturing companies now require real-time information sharing, dynamic data visualization, and seamless collaboration across departments more than ever before. With a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution, you have easy and secure data access for teams across departments and locations, quality-focused processes and a data-driven approach to manufacturing at your fingertips.

With PTC's PLM solution, Windchill, you get a complete package to manage your products' lifecycle by providing end-to-end solutions for all your product-related data and processes.

Windchill's open architecture is your guarantee that the solution integrates easily with your other IT systems, e.g. ERP, Field Service, CAD and IoT. With Windchill you get, among other things, comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality and configurable role- and task-based applications.

Benefits of Windchill

How can one software solution streamline communication between different points in the value chain? In short: centralization. Your PLM solution becomes your reference tool through which data can be consistently managed and accessed by all stakeholders.

Reduce costs

PTC Windchill gives you a better view of the different components and quantities needed to produce a product, so you can react more quickly based on procurement and inventory.

Ensure on-time delivery

It is not always easy to ensure delivery on time. With PTC Windchill, you can manage project status, streamline processes, and improve collaboration between design and manufacturing departments.

Regulatory compliance

PTC Windchill enables you to accurately maintain regulatory documentation and ensures that safety and quality standards are met.

One tool for all

PLM is a central system that allows any employee (and possibly supplier) to easily communicate about data and ensure that any changes they make are included in real time.

One repository for all product design data

PTC Windchill houses a variety of product-related data, from multi-dimensional data, to BoM's for engineering, production and service, version control and workflows.

User friendly

PTC Windchill's intuitive user interface is easy to learn for both internal employees and external project partners.

Foster innovation

PLM solutions help eliminate silo structures by removing the traditional limitations that arise from working in different systems. Thereby you get a digital ecosystem that promotes innovation.

Secure PLM platform

Protect your company's data and product information, regardless of whether you work with internal or external employees.

Integration with other systems

Manage data at scale with integration of multiple systems thanks to PTC Windchill's open architecture. It allows you to connect your ERP or other IT systems with Windchill.

Integration with other business systems

By using open standards within Windchill, you can easily integrate the solution with other business systems, including CAD, ERP, and IoT. This way, you get a solid foundation for a product-driven digital common thread and a continuous feedback loop.

CAD compatibility: In addition to PTC Creo Parametric, Windchill is also compatible with other CAD tools. The integration makes collaboration between development and production easier and ensures fewer manual errors when preparing and converting BoM's, as PTC Windchill automates this.

Interface to ERP: Integration with the ERP system makes it possible to monitor stocks and production at project level. 9A Windchill - Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Connector from 9altitudes is a real-time, two-way integration that reduces time-to-market for custom and configurable products.

IoT for connected products and machines: By connecting PTC Windchill to an IoT solution like PTC ThingWorx, you can monitor and improve your connected end products and machines on the production floor. Through IoT, you gain insight into the performance and use of your products and machines. You can then use this information to optimize them.

How does NEDCON use Windchill?

Given the complexity of their products, NEDCON was looking for an engineering solution that would help them encompass that complexity and ensure transparency and quality. They ultimately chose the PTC solutions CAD Creo Parametric in combination with PLM Windchill.

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