9A Advanced Manufacturing for F&SCM

Get the insights you need to ensure your organization can reach new digital heights faster with - proven experience. 9A Advanced Manufacturing for F&SCM is a manufacturing industry-specific accelerator extending Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management to support the day-to-day challenges of discrete manufacturing companies.

Get actionable, real-time project insights into your manufacturing company

Having a resilient supply chain with real-time insights and having the agility to meet quickly changing circumstances is a must for discrete manufacturing companies. However, it can be a real challenge to realize. Especially if your departments are divided into silos and your business applications do not give the full insight in your organization. If you are in a project-based manufacturing company, the challenge only increases. The need for continuous synchronization between project planning and material planning is a major challenge that impacts the time to market for customer-driven product designs and variations.

In short: Real-time insights is imperative!

9A Advanced manufacturing is our accelerator for the manufacturing industry, which is extending Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management to support the day-to-day challenges discrete manufacturing companies face. Hereby we ensure that your organization can reach new digital height faster, safeguarded by proven experience.

You will be able to:

Improve delivery reliability and project margin

Improve delivery reliability and project margin by giving real-time insights in project progress, project supply chain and project financials.

Build a resilient project supply chain

Build a resilient project supply chain to quickly resolve supply and demand imbalances. Costs are optimized by improving inventory turns.

Meet changing customer requirements

Improve your agility to meet changing customer requirements in product designs.

Create better collaboration between engineering & operations

Make the collaboration between the engineering & operations departments and disciplines more efficient. Providing you with a single system of reference for product and operational information.

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Read the product sheet for 9A Advanced Manufacturing for F&SCM

If you are considering how you can make your Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management solution create more value for your manufacturing organization, this product sheet provides you with a great overview of the advantages you can leverage with 9A Advanced Manufacturing for F&SCM.

9A Advanced Manufacturing for F&SCM consists of the following apps:

Advanced Projects

Introducing real-time insights in project progress, project supply chain and project financials.

PLM link

The 9A Windchill – Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Connector is a real time, bi-directional integration reducing the Time-To-Market for custom made and configurable products.

Field Service

An out of the box Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations - Field Service connector covering your entire End-2-End process from maintenance/service request until the actual invoicing of the intervention.

Discrete manufacturing

Enhance your production planners user experience through one centralized cockpit, showing immediate insights in material availability.

Improve your agility and meet changing requirements

... and create a seamless digital thread between your engineering and manufacturing department!

With 9A Advanced Manufacturing for F&SCM you get a real-time connection between your PLM system and your ERP system and thereby avoids double data entry and errors related to it.

That makes you able to improve you agility and meet changing requirements during the design journey so that you can fulfill customer expectations.

Extend your operational back-bone with a world-class Field Service Management solution

Field Service Management: Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Unlock unmatched efficiency and take your field service organization to the next level with 9A Field Service based on Dynamics 365 Field Service.

ERP pricing: what to expect for your business?

Our job is to simplify your journey to the summit, ensuring a smoother climb to new heights where you continuously feel safeguarded and in control. That's exactly why we've made it possible for you to obtain already a high-level budget estimation.

How? By completing this guiding questionnaire, we can estimate the project implementation investment and the monthly Microsoft license estimate, based on our experience in implementing many projects like the one you envision.

While Digital Transformation projects are typically complex and connected from many angles we tried to simplify this first budget indication for you based on our experience. However we would like to note that the questionnaire needs to take the full complexity of your business needs and the possibilities into account to give a good-fit budget indication, so please reserve between 5 and 10 minutes of your time to be able to answer the questions Your thorough responses will enable us to partner with you on your journey towards achieving remarkable digital transformation and success. Once completed, our system will instantly generate a customized estimate, sent directly to your email. No complicated steps—just a direct path to the solutions you need.

If the questionnaire feels too much, please reach out and we will contact you to talk everything through and provide you with the required information.

Are you ready to receive your tailored estimation on how your digital future could look like?

9A Advanced Manufacturing & Process Mining

Imagine the value of some of these actionable insights:

  • Production stages and variations: Understand the stages production orders go through and identify existing variations.
  • Inventory delays: Determine how often and how long production is delayed due to missing inventory.
  • Dependency delays: Identify delays caused by dependencies with other production orders.
  • Shift throughput differences: Analyze throughput time differences based on who is working during a shift.
  • Order rescheduling: Track how often orders are rescheduled due to planning changes.

Microsoft's Process Mining capabilities provide deep insights into business processes using actual data. However, to fully expose relevant process data for manufacturing analysis, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management's integration with Process Mining for Warehouse Management falls short in key areas like Finance and Manufacturing.

This is where 9altitudes comes into play. By leveraging our industry-specific IP for manufacturing, we continually enhance functionalities to seamlessly reveal process data, empowered by BI and Process Mining tools.

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