5 benefits of a manufacturing-focused ERP solution

  • 09/01/2024
It is certainly not insignificant for your manufacturing company how your ERP solution is structured. Therefore, below we have collected 5 advantages of having a manufacturing-focused ERP solution.

1. Shorter process of implementation

As a manufacturer, you need digital solutions ready for implementation rather than a development process full of surprises. A manufacturing-focused focused ERP solution like 9A Advanced Manufacturing is a packaged and process-ready solution that ensures a shorter process from beginning to end. Choosing an ERP solution made for manufacturing means that every aspect is designed to fit your realm of expertise. For example modules that support your business have already been deployed and tested – meaning time savings and a lighter workload for your company.

2. Lower risk

Most of us like trying the car before buying it. This should also apply for ERP solutions. In fact, it does when you choose a manufacturer-focused ERP solution like 9A Advanced manufacturing. With the already existing modules, we can visualize your needs, so you can relate and feel comfortable using it. From here, the product can be adjusted as required and desired. Furthermore, you can rely on an ISV quality of a proven and future proof solutions, used by houndreds of customers. You thereby get the opportunity to hear from others, who have used the solution before you.

3. Cost savings

Because of both a shorter implementation process and a lower risk, an ERP solution suited for manufacturing helps you keep the company costs low. The efficiency and assurance of implementing a thoroughly tested ERP system act as an assurance against unforeseen extra expenses during the process. Combined with the shortened project horizon, your time and money can be concentrated elsewhere in the business.

4. Sparring with experts

Choosing a strong ERP solution designed for manufacturing companies guarantees an ERP partner with an understanding of your business. Consequently, you can also see it as your sparring partner when, for example, you need advice on how to digitize and optimize your business. A manufacturing-focused ERP partner has spent years acquiring knowledge about the needs of specific industries and has obtained in-depth knowledge about the challenges needed to be considered.

5. Seizes company changes

Efficiency is closely linked with the ability to adapt to changes – which is a feature any ERP solution and it’s surrounding platform should entail. A manufacturing-focused ERP solution is all about creating a digital common thread that goes beyond your ERP solution allone and supports the processes of your company in a streamlined way. Thus, choosing the right ERP system is also a question of being able to grow with your solution and scale it over time.

Are you looking for a manufacturing-focused ERP solution?

While there are a lot of benefits when choosing an manufacturing focused ERP solution, the foundation of which the solution is build also needs to be strong. At 9altitudes, we have combined the best of both worlds. Combining world class-proven platforms As Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management and Business Central with best practices within manufacturing. Thereby 9A Advanced Manufacturing combines the best of both worlds.

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