Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) is a modern ERP solution used either in cloud or On premise. The solution is focused on the needs in small and medium sized companies, and is a part of the Dynamics family. This means that the solution supports a digital tread through your business aligning processes and data.

Connect operations across the company

Bring your sales, services, finance, warehouse, projects, and production together within a single, well integrated, business management solution bringing capabilities to perform better, work smarter and adapt faster. With a selection of strong industry specific business apps, the solution can be enhanced with optimal processes and features – making it scalable and future-proof.

Adapt as the business grow

In most businesses it is a challenge to adapt to new business needs in a constant changing world. Business Central brings a well proven and optimized set of best-practice processes within the standard application.

Expand the solution with well proven industry specific functionality apps

Cloud or on-premise – fits your needs today and tomorrow

Tailor the solution to your more specific needs

Choosing the right partner

At 9altitudes we care about your solution on the long-term. Not just while you are implementing. We only succeed when your succeed!

The right expertise: We have strong competencies within D365BC and know how to apply it.

The right conversations: We use our expertise to advise you, so you can make the right decision – also in the long run.

The right support: We stive to give you the best support possible, by the people who knows your business.

An ERP-solution that allows your company to grow

Business Central are an adaptable and scalable solution made for SMB companies and it can be custom fitted with industry specific solutions bringing best-practices and optimal use.

Future proof

If Your business are not ready for cloud yet - choose on-premise and be future proof.


Drive supply chain optimization within the basic solution


Get business insights within the flow of processes


Connect to and benefit from Dynamics 365 applications

Transform data into valuable insights

9A Smart Insights

Looking for a way to analyse the vast amount of data in Dynamics 365 Business Central?

9A Smart Insights provides you with deep insights, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Extract all essential data from Dynamics, combine it with data from other software, and visualize it in Power BI.

Leverage comprehensive Power BI dashboards and reports, designed specifically for your role and your industry.

9A Smart Insights for D365 Business Central

ERP pricing: what to expect for your business?

Our job is to simplify your journey to the summit, ensuring a smoother climb to new heights where you continuously feel safeguarded and in control. That's exactly why we've made it possible for you to obtain already a high-level budget estimation.

How? By completing this guiding questionnaire, we can estimate the project implementation investment and the monthly Microsoft license estimate, based on our experience in implementing many projects like the one you envision.

While Digital Transformation projects are typically complex and connected from many angles we tried to simplify this first budget indication for you based on our experience. However we would like to note that the questionnaire needs to take the full complexity of your business needs and the possibilities into account to give a good-fit budget indication, so please reserve between 5 and 10 minutes of your time to be able to answer the questions Your thorough responses will enable us to partner with you on your journey towards achieving remarkable digital transformation and success. Once completed, our system will instantly generate a customized estimate, sent directly to your email. No complicated steps—just a direct path to the solutions you need.

If the questionnaire feels too much, please reach out and we will contact you to talk everything through and provide you with the required information.

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