Transform your operations with JobManager, the essential Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on developed by 9altitudes. Designed to streamline time tracking and job registration processes, JobManager empowers your team to focus on what matters most.

Time registration in Business Central with JobManager

JobManager is your gateway to efficient and user-friendly electronic time tracking. JobManager transforms the often tedious task of time tracking into a strategic asset for your business. Our intuitive interface simplifies time registration for employees, minimizing errors and maximizing productivity.

With JobManager, not only is accurate payroll ensured, but employees also gain visibility into vital details like remaining vacation time. Our digital checklists provide clear documentation of who completed a service job and when, bringing transparency and accountability to every task.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with D365BC (formerly Dynamics NAV or Navision), JobManager is versatile enough to benefit various industries. It's more than just a tool—it's a dependable solution that makes time tracking an effortless and valuable part of your daily operations.

JobManager modules

Time registration
Simplify time tracking with JobManager—automatically align work hours, absences, and vacations with current agreements. Ensure accurate salaries and enable employees to easily check their remaining vacation days.
Job registration
Gain comprehensive visibility into time and resource use across productions, projects, and service tasks with the Job Registration module. Achieve real-time insights into current costs by leveraging updated data and precise cost analysis.
Automated payroll processing

Streamline salary preparation with our module, eliminating manual tasks for a more accurate salary calculation based on clock-ins/outs, work hours, and agreements. Designed to manage complex agreements and salary rules, ensuring precise payroll every time.

Quality checklist

After each production order, employees complete a digital questionnaire to verify key product details, enhancing quality control and eliminating paper checklists. This feature ensures compliance with quality standards and streamlines project management through a flexible, direct-link setup with Business Central.

What can manufacturing companies expect from JobManager?

In the video on the left, you can see how JobManager helps manufactoring companies daily to keep track of productions, resources, materials, and provides the company with a strategic decision-making tool.

JobManager is the perfect multitool to optimize any business. Within Production, Project/Case, and Service. Read more about time registration for your business below.

JobManager gives installation businesses many benefits

For the electrical installation company Schrøder with over 50 employees and several local departments in Denmark, it's important to have an exellent system for recording the time and materials employees use on customer cases, to better manage finances, analyze profitability, issue invoices, and pay employees the right salary.

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