Optimize your processes and reduce your inventory waste with PLM

  • 02/02/2023

If your organization produces products which consists of expensive sub-components or raw materials, then you are probably already aware of ways you can reduce your inventory waste. But did you know that a PLM-solution can make a big difference as well?

PLM software (Product Lifecycle Management software) helps your organization manage product related documents and processes throughout the products lifecycle. E.g. by making the right technical documents available to the right people in the organization,

If you, when implementing PLM, focus on version control and how the information of a new version is distributed in your organization you can amongst other reduce the time it takes for the procurement department to be aware of the new version.

When procurement gets informed that there are a new version, they can use the version control in the PLM solution to identify the differences, check immediately the current purchase orders, and react quickly - e.g. by:

  • Contact suppliers that have received orders that needs to be changed or cancelled before they start their production.
  • Adjust upcoming  orders to suppliers.

Thereby the amount of material delivered which no longer fits with the new version of the product can be reduced. We have seen multiple examples where the savings have been significant, as this process, without a PLM-solution can take weeks.

Your PLM solution can be integrated with your other IT-solutions. However, selected data can also be made available to your suppliers. Not as push, where copies are distributed using traditional methods, which can result in many outdated copies in circulation, but as direct access to the relevant original data. The best way to avoid waste, production based on outdated data and twists with your subcontractors is to give them insight into the development of what they have to produce for you. Notifications can also be set up so that your business partner is informed by the system when a product is updated

This is just one example of how a PLM solution like Windchill can create value for your organization.

The CFO guide: Why your manufacturing company needs PLM

Some CFOs and other managers do not take interest in which CAD and PLM solutions are chosen for the company - the decision is instead made by the R&D department itself. Some may turn dont an investment in PLM altogether, because they don't see the benefit for the organization. But it is far from only the development department that gains when a company invests in PLM.

That is why we have created a guide for CFOs in manufacturing companies. The guide tells you why you should be aware of possibilities with PLM.

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