E-book: From Concept to Completion: The ultimate guide to Product Lifecycle Management

  • 23/05/2024

This e-book aims to provide the insights needed to achieve long-term success with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), as PLM systems have emerged as a vital component in the modern manufacturing environment. The e-book offers a practical approach and explains the bases of what is PLM, what challenges you can solve, capabilities, and how you get your board to approve an investment in PLM.

Content in the e-book:

  • What is PLM, and how can it help my company?
  • BoM challenges you can solve with PLM
  • The pitfalls of outdated BoMs and how PLM can help
  • Benefits of integrating PLM and ERP
  • PLM capabilities 
  • These manufacturers are already improving their business processes
  • How do you get your board to approve PLM?
  • 9 steps to get started with PLM
  • Unlocking seamless product data management: The perfect integration of PLM with other systems

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