KeyShot is the ultimate software in 3D rendering and animation, helping you reimagine how you visualize your concept: from processing material with millimeter precision, to content editing and animation. KeyShot is your virtual canvas that transforms your ideas into visually captivating results. 

Give new life to your design ideas

In the rapidly evolving marketplace, where precision is paramount and shortening time-to-market is the goal, KeyShot plays a vital role in achieving this objective. It's real-time rendering engine accelerates the iterative design process and eliminates the need for physical prototypes.

Your realistic images and mesmerizing animations will captivate customer and stakeholders, effectively marketing your product even before it becomes a physical product. 

Experience the incredible power of this 3D rendering software that opens new possibilities for your creative endeavors and brings your design ideas to life in a tangible, easily understandable form. Whether you're sculpting the aesthetics of cutting-edge fashion, shaping the narrative of interior spaces, or envisioning the next wave of consumer electronics, KeyShot is the virtual canvas that transforms your ideas into visually captivating realities.

More realistic designs - before production

Unleash your creative potential by seamlessly bringing your imagination to life – from captivating still images and dynamic animations to developing engaging interactive websites and compelling mobile content. The possibilities are as boundless as your ideas.

Focus on your designs

KeyShot's user-friendly platform allows you to focus on your designs effortlessly. Achieve professional-grade results in mere minutes through an intuitive, workflow-based interface that seamlessly integrates essential advanced features.

Visualize ideas instantly
KeyShot facilitates a swift and visually dynamic design process, supporting an extensive array of 3D file formats for a seamless transition from conceptualization to the final product. 
Illuminate your vision

Lighting is paramount, and KeyShot understands its significance in creating realistic scenes. With advanced lighting features, you have the power to craft lights and shadows tailored to your products or scenes. 

Make it more realistic

KeyShot's advanced materials that go beyond physical appearance and provide scientifically precise properties, enabling you to create images that captivate with realism. Use a preset, an existing material, or unleash your own creativity.

Empowering visualization

Unlock the potential of visualization with KeyShot, offering the ability to craft high-end images throughout every phase of your product design journey. Leverage the advantages of KeyShot across the following domains:

Design and innovation

Seamlessly create, iterate, and refine your designs. Collaborate effortlessly, develop with precision, and implement seamlessly. KeyShot's user interface is tailored to empower you to visualize your ideas with exceptional speed and unparalleled ease. Your creative journey, elevated.

Manufacturing and Documentation

Whether you're creating graphics for manufacturing or developing technical documentation for clients, KeyShot equips you with the tools to swiftly generate the images necessary for expedited design decisions. Accelerate your time-to-market and make informed choices with KeyShot's efficiency at your fingertips.

Marketing and sales

Whether it's for your website, catalog, packaging, or in-store displays, KeyShot provides the tools to showcase your designs and products with unmatched effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your brand presence and draw in your audience with visually compelling imagery.

KeyShot is for everyone

KeyShot adapts to any sector and gives you the flexibility to create images for anything you can imagine

Product design

Witness KeyShot’s impact from the initial concept, through iterative design phases, until the product takes its place on the store shelf. If you’ve marveled at the finest products, you’ve seen the magic of KeyShot.


With KeyShot you can create impactful images that convey infinite possibilities. Discover the simplicity of creating intricate details in textures and bathing your scenes in perfect lightning. KeyShot transforms the intricate into the effortless.


KeyShot unveils the unique materials that define your packaging and brings them to life in the real world; from bags and containers to bottles and boxes. Improve every facet of your packaging workflow, from conceptualization to final approval.

Fashion and fabrics

Experience exclusive leather materials, customizable textures, and unprecedented simulations of screens and fabrics. KeyShot introduces an unparalleled level of detail that sets a new standard.

Jewelry and accesories

Control material appearances, configure environmental lightning, and generate limitless variations, achieving an unmatched level of realism in rendering images faster than any other solution.

Architecture and interior Design

KeyShot stands as the go-to solution for photorealistic renders and top-tier animations. Experiment freely with materials, lightning, and perspectives, showcasing the potential of your ideas within minutes.

How does KeyShot work?

Step 1: Import your 3D model

Import your 3D model directly from your CAD tool. Use IGES, STEP, FBX or OBJ formats or use a plugin to import files with nearly any file format. KeyShot ensures extensive flexibility in model importation.

Step 2: Paint your model

Effortlessly choose from over 600 material presets by dragging and dropping them onto your model. Experience a real-time preview that accurately depicts the material with vibrant colors and realistic lightning.

Step 3: Customize lightning

Choose your ambient image (HRDI). Upon dragging and dropping the lightning environment, witness the wide range of lightning options, including intensity, angle, and color adjustments. You will see how it's seamlessly incorporated into your 3D model.

Step 4: Choose a background

Choose a background that enhances your model. KeyShot provides a range of background options, including solid colors, images, and HRDI environments. Customize your scene further by uploading your own images.

Step 5: Refine camera settings

Framing your scene is an intuitive as working with a physical camera. Adjust the angle and distance, manage perspective through focal length and field of view settings, and introduce depth of field to enhance the visual impact of your image.

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