PTC ThingWorx

Manufacturing companies no longer remain in the dark about the productivity of their machines on the factory floor. By connecting machines and business applications to the IIoT solution PTC ThingWorx, you can see in real time what is happening and why.

Get insights into the ins and outs of your factory floor

Is your company producing at maximum capacity and efficiency? Many companies do not know what is happening on production lines and how to set them up more efficiently. This creates missed opportunities, amongst others in terms of increased sales and cost savings.

Stop being in the dark about the productivity of your machines on the factory floor. By connecting machines and business applications to the IIoT solution PTC ThingWorx, you can see in real-time what is happening and why. After all, connected machines and far-reaching digitization allow you to make your production lines more flexible, safe and autonomous.

Up to 30% fewer unscheduled machine downtime*

Monitor the activity of various machines on the plant floor to identify bottlenecks and machine downtime. Get specific insights into the reasons for downtime and prevent your machines from unwanted downtime in the future.

*According to figures of PTC

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Taking full advantage of new and emerging opportunities

IIoT enables manufacturers to stay more closely connected to their operations on the factory floor. This provides a competitive advantage in customer satisfaction, efficiency and the availability of your production lines.

Increased customer satisfaction: Maintain the quality of your products by monitoring your production lines to ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Faster time-to-market: Plant managers can use IIoT to detect bottlenecks and machine downtime, resulting in faster production times.

Optimize predictive maintenance: By collecting and analyzing the right data sets, predict when and how a part within a piece of equipment will wear out in order to perform timely maintenance.

Increasing OEE: By using IIoT, you also gain insights into the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of your production equipment and can make the necessary optimizations based on that data to increase this percentage.

Why now is the time to embrace ThingWorx

ThingWorx is an innovative platform that will allow you to build a smart factory easily and quickly, based on an accurate management of data, which is of the essence.

ThingWorx is available on a proven industrial innovation platform with the market-leading cloud infrastructure

ThingWorx helps global organizations capitalize on the value created by the convergence of the physical and digital worlds

Built on PTC's domain expertise of manufacturing companies, the solution provides the functionality, flexibility and agility needed to develop purpose-built IIoT applications faster and easier.
With ThingWorx, manufacturers can create scalable and secure solutions that deliver information, insight and high return on investment.

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