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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is no longer a futuristic idea for companies around the world. The manufacturing sector is no exception. For manufacturing companies, the IIoT is integral to creating smart factories that leverage high-speed communication and computing for significant business impact.

Enter the universe of connected products

For companies that manufactures smart connected products for end users, IIoT, through the delivery of real-time performance data, fundamentally changes the way that products are designed, serviced, supported, and sold. Ultimately, the IIoT presents an enormous opportunity for manufacturers to transform their business.

Learn about VCST’s progression towards improving OEE and higher quality products through collaboration with Ad Ultima (part of 9altitudes), its implementation partner, and PTC’s IoT, PLM, and AR factory solutions.

Take full advantage of new and emerging opportunities

The IIoT allows manufacturers to leverage the power of connected things to stay more closely connected to their operations and their products deployed to the field. Using technologies such as IIoT, manufacturers can better understand equipments or product usages.

Increased customer satisfaction: Predict customer preferences and behaviors to create the customer-focused experiences that drive brand loyalty.

Faster time to market: Factory managers can leverage the IIoT to accelerate decision making and problem solving, which results in speedier production times

Optimization of predictive maintenance: By collecting and analyzing the appropriate data sets, predict when and how a part within an equipment will wear out.

Why now is the time to embrace ThingWorx

ThingWorx is an innovative platform that will allow you to build a smart factory easily and quickly, based on an accurate management of data, which is of the essence.

ThingWorx is available on a proven industrial innovation platform with the market-leading cloud infrastructure

ThingWorx helps global organizations capitalize on the value created by the convergence of the physical and digital worlds

Drawing on PTC’s domain expertise in the factory, the solution provides the functionality, flexibility and agility needed to develop purpose-built IIoT applications, faster and more easily.
With ThingWorx, manufacturers can create scalable and secure solutions that deliver information and insight in context and deliver a high return on investment
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