Thanks to the right partnerships, VCST builds their organization of the future

Innovating during Covid-19

It's a struggle for any company during the COVID-19 crisis and especially for one that depends on the auto industry. VCST is the world leader in the production of gears for the drive train in cars. A competitive industry with the highest quality requirements.

VCST embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey in 2017. Together with partner BlueCrux, they drew the outlines for a factory of the future. A factory that would meet all the standards of Industry 4.0. In 2018, they chose 9altitudes to help shape those outlines.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, they decided not to put the transformation plans 'on hold', but to use that time to accelerate innovation. In the week of LiveWorx 2020 - a giant digital transformation event - VCST's trajectory was seen as an inspiration.

For example, Eddy Van Steyvoort (vice president) was invited into the PTC video podcast "Innovating in the Time of Covid-19" to share VCST's story. PTC is a global player in technology to achieve digital transformation and operational efficiency.

Check out VCST's story below!

The reason for change

"VCST is a player in the automotive industry. We are known for our superior quality, delivery reliability, strong innovative power and global presence," explains Eddy Van Steyvoort. "Yet in 2017 there were also a number of things that needed to be adjusted. For example, we wanted to shorten the time to market, increase flexibility and become more efficient. To achieve these goals, we had to switch to a clear end-to-end way of working."

"Thanks to that good relationship, we came up with a plan as partners, and not as customer versus supplier."

Eddy Van Steyvoort

Vice president at VCST

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