Nic. Christiansen

When Nic. Christiansen implemented Dynamics AX, 9altitudes was involved at the end of the project. 9altitudes was given specific tasks which where satisfactory solved. Today 9altitudes is their preferred Dynamics AX partner.

A new Dynamics AX partner

Nic. Christiansen Gruppen imports Land Rover and Jaguar in Denmark, Sweden and Norway as well as Hyundai in Denmark. During the implementation of Dynamics AX, Nic. Christiansen experienced that 9altitudes solved the most complex tasks

Together with their regular 9altitudes consultants, the collaboration has grown. Nic. Christiansen believes they are working with qualified consultants who offer business understanding - and honesty.

”An AX-partner you can always trust – because they are open and honest in everything they do”


At 9altitudes, Nic. Christiansen got a strategic partner - not only a vendor.

A business-oriented collaboration

Nic. Christiansen got a partner who understood the way the company workd and and manage to find work-arounds if a challenge can't be solved in standard AX.

The solution supports the business

The collaboration is honest. That menas that Nic. Christiansen get's what best for them, and not just what they ask for.

Strong collaboration with dedicated consultants

Nic. Christiansen has a fixed team of 9altitudes consultants who support their solution and their business.

”You shouldn’t underestimate 9altitudes’ professional approach or consultants”

A business-driven collaboration

During the initial collaboration, Nic. Christiansen learned that 9altitudes is a consultancy company that has competent consultants and a flexible and well-structured approach.

“9altitudes has proven able to solve tasks that are relatively complex. They do a quality job. One must not underestimate their approach and consultants”.

9altitudes has a business-driven approach to the collaboration with Nic. Christiansen.  Nic. Christiansen also appreciates the flexibility of the collaboration - if needed 9altitudes brings in more people to meet deadlines.

Furthermore they at Nic. Christiansen experience openness and honesty in the collaboration.

We have honest and direct communication with 9altitudes. If there is a problem, we do not have the feeling that it will be hidden. While the truth can hurt, honesty is far more important. We find a solution every time”.

Nic Christiansen have a fixed 9altitudes consultancy team. This is imperative due to Nic. Christiansen's complex organizational structure and resultes in faster and better problem-solving.

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