Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. Instead of having your IT solutions on premise, you can move them to the cloud. Which is basically a network of remote servers. Leverage the cloud technology, manage cost and complexity, and improve IT productivity by migrating your existing solution to the cloud.

The Cloud is now

If you are thinking of making your company future proof, you have to take the cloud into consideration. One of the challenges every company faces is being flexible. After all, a company cannot afford to put down work due to unforeseen circumstances. That’s where the cloud and Microsoft Azure comes into play.

Microsoft Azure as an accelerator

Better security, privacy and reliability: Your data is perhaps your most important asset these days. It should be available at all times and be safely secured. With advanced data centers owned and operated by Microsoft you can rest assured that your data is well managed.

Enable scalability and flexibility: Improve IT productivity by reducing the complexity associated with hardware and software management and support. Get started without the hassle of software maintenance, such as backups, upgrades, and patches, and free up IT staff for strategic planning and other high-priority tasks.

Bring all data together: CRM and ERP data are usually managed separately. With Dynamics 365 all this data can be linked. This provides a complete picture of your organization and offers the possibility to use this data from well-known solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power BI. It also offers you the possibility to bring data from future sources together in one system and unlock it with Power Platform.

Why move to the cloud

Moving to the cloud has proven to be beneficial in unexpected circumstances, when employees have to work form home. Moving business processes to the cloud is a logical step for a future proof organization. This is why:

Solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide easy access to business processes via a simple web browser. You can now also easily monitor company assets that are connected to the Internet of Things in the cloud.
Less IT

With cloud solutions from Microsoft, IT professionals no longer have to maintain servers or systems on location. Instead, Microsoft takes responsibility for monitoring and updating the underlying platform and the application itself.


Secure remote collaboration is made easier with Microsoft cloud solutions. It has never been easier for employees and helpdesk professionals to provide support and collaborate remotely.

Access to different information systems (IoT, ERP, etc.) is easy to scale via the cloud. This is certainly an advantage for companies that operate internationally. Wherever in the world your team or your knowledge is, you can achieve it with a simple WiFi connection.

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