Streamlining business productivity with AI and workflows

  • 22/08/2023

AI technology can enhance business flows and enable faster, more accurate retrieval of information. But only if combined with the correct workflows. Learn how AI and workflows can supercharge your productivity.

AI has undoubtedly emerged as a prominent buzzword, capturing the attention of organizations eager to stay competitive. The technology has lots of benefits as it can analyze patterns and structures through machine learning algorithms to classify and extract them accurately, so the right person can easily find them.

This capability is particularly valuable for manufacturing companies dealing with vast amounts of worker instructions, packing slips and technical documents. However, it brings minimal benefits if harnessed wrongly, reminds Diederick Hallynck, Go To Market Director at 9altitudes.

– The true power of AI lies in its integration with well-defined workflows. Therefore, your primary focus should always be to refine your business processes and then supercharge them with AI. We need to look beyond the hype by focusing on creating the right business processes first and then adding a layer of AI.

Diederick Hallynck

GTM Director - R&D

Let it flow

Workflows act as the conductor's baton, orchestrating the synchronized performance of AI algorithms and human expertise, creating a symphony of efficiency and innovation. By defining the sequence of tasks, workflows guide AI algorithms through the intricacies of decision-making. They ensure that AI operates within the proper context and aligns with human expertise. Done well, the splicing of AI and human intelligence results in a seamless integration that maximizes efficiency.

– The marriage of AI and workflows gives rise to a powerful mix, where intelligent automation flows seamlessly through well-defined processes, revolutionizing the way we work, says Diederick Hallynck.

Be at the cutting-edge

By harnessing the power of AI in workflows, manufacturing businesses can streamline their document-related processes. Getting the upper hand in this field can result in a competitive advantage within the industry in the future.

Download the whitepaper: From silos to synergy: How to improve manufacturing efficiency by supercharging your business processes

In today’s manufacturing landscape, efficient business processes have become a crucial element for success. From the factory floor to top management, managing an extensivearray of workflows and documents swiftly and without error is a pivotal precondition to growth.

Join us in discovering how you can enhance the business processes in your organization.

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