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  • 01/05/2023

There are many reasons why a production machine suddenly stops and the customer experiences an unintended downtime. Unfortunately, possible downtime is not detected until it is too late. However, with a better overview of your customers and their machines, this can often be avoided entirely.

Better overview = better service

You probably already know that the company's value chain is essential for both your and your customers' companies. But how convinced are you that you are making a positive contribution to your customers' value chain? Do you help prevent downtime - or do you only step in when it's too late and the machine has already stopped?

Following up on your customers' machines in time can be crucial to ensure that they have a consistent and reliable value chain. With a Field Service solution, you always have a full overview of the service technicians, skills and resources available to you as well as the needs of your customers and their machines. This means that you always have a complete overview of when a customer was last visited by a service technician, who they visited and what was done. In this way, you can quickly get an overview of whether there is a need for a follow-up service visit soon.

2 examples on...

how Field Service can make the everyday life easier for both you and your customers:

  • When a service technician visits your customer, it may be discovered that there is another wearing part that needs to be replaced. But where does the technician record this observation? With Field Service, the service technician can take a picture of the wear part and write a note that can be seen by every service technicians as well as back office employees. At the same time, the service technician can specify a date for when the wear part must be replaced. All this is done directly on the technician's phone or tablet, so it can be done immediately on location. In this way, you ensure that the customer's machines are taken care of and that downtime does not occur - because the wear part is now being replaced in time. 
  • With Field Service, you also ensure that no service visits are forgotten. The solution itself keeps track of when the customer was last serviced and when it is time for another service visit. If it should happen that a service technician on a previous service visit has discovered that there might be a need for a service visit again within a short time, this can be registered while the work is being carried out on site and the back office employees will automatically be alerted on this directly in the system.

Improve the service experience even more

With the help of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, you can make the service experience even better for your customers. The devices automatically send signals from your customer's machine to your Field Service solution if there are critical limit values that are about to be exceeded. Then you can send a service technician to the customer's machine, even before something goes wrong and downtime occurs. It can e.g. be an advantage for customers who are still in the process of purchasing new production machines, and therefore extend the life of their current production equipment.

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Make it easier for your customers to ensure a reliable value chain.

In this e-book, we look at focus on how a Field Service solution can help your service technicians in their work and thus ensure a positive contribution to the customer's value chain.

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