Secure your income despite fluctuating times

  • 01/05/2023

Since 2020, the economic situation has undoubtedly been under pressure across Europe. First with Covid-19, which shut down countries, boarders and thus the economy for periods, and then an energy crisis, which has lead to sky-high inflation rates and forced companies to cut down on investments. 

Keep track of service contracts

The uncertainty within the economy both for individuals and for companies has made nearly as large investments as otherwise planned. It has become even more important to prioritize investments - and more thought is given to which amounts are spent and on what.

You have certainly also experienced that your customers are suddenly not nearly as willing to spend or invest money as they were before. They are longer to make decisions and they prefer to only spend money on what they need and is absolutely necessary. The large investments in new production equipment are not made, which is clearly noticeable in the decrease in the number of service visits.

With Field Service, you make working with service contracts easier for both you and your customers. Specifically, service contracts have the advantage that you create more stable earnings for your company, because an agreement has been made in advance about how often you must service the customer's machines. When the customer then chooses to keep using the old machines rather than buying new ones, you can use this to your own advantage, as it may require more in-depth service visits.

Automate the service experience with IoT

Besides Field Service helps you structuring and ensuring hat the service visits at your customers are complied with, the combination of Field Service and IoT (Internet of Things) can even help monitor the production machines you service at the customer's location.

More specifically, IoT devices are implemented in your customers' machines, which then send signals directly to your Field Service solution for both service technicians and back office employees to see it, if some of the set limit values are about to be exceeded at a customer's place.

It can, for example, be that IoT devices have been implemented in 3 large machines that produce small patent glasses. Here there may be a specific spare part that must be checked and possibly replaced every time 1,000,000 glasses have been produced. The IoT device then sends a  signal to your Field Service solution when 900,000 glasses have been produced and a service visit is planned before the limit value is exceeded. In this way, you ensure that your customers do not experience downtime in their production due to a small spare part, which you were not aware of.

When the service technician has finished the visit, he can document what he has done, take pictures and write notes directly in the Field Service solution, so that these are available for everyone at any time. The technician can do this directly on location, so no details are forgotten. The system also automatically detects that a check has now been made with the customer, and if the technician registers that the spare part has been changed, the system knows that it must send a new signal when another 900,000 glasses have been produced.

Read more about Field Service

It can be difficult to get an overview of which partner to choose if you want to succeed with your new Field Service solution.

In this e-book we dive into topics such as how you can ensure that you have the right Field Service solution that gives your customers a better experience with your company.

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