The supply chain jungle increases the need for Business Intelligence

  • 19/01/2024

Manufacturing companies are constantly faced with turbulent changes in the wild jungle of supply chain. Worldwide crises, inflation, and traffic challenges at major junctions such as the Suez Canal or the world's oceans are all examples of unpredictable minefields that you must navigate. However, amid these significant changes, inventory management and delivery performance stand out as indispensable focus areas.

Imagine that the goods you could normally receive in three days now take three weeks to arrive. Suddenly, the question of optimal warehouse space becomes a critical necessity. It's not just a matter of avoiding overcrowded shelves; it's about juggling the risk of having enough in stock while simultaneously dealing with inevitable delivery delays.

Being proactive in inventory management and delivery performance is not only a challenge for business professionals and economists. It is the key to ensuring stability in the supply chain, negotiating discounts, and maintaining satisfied customers who have become accustomed to lightning-fast deliveries.

Optimize your company's resource efficiency

One way to seek improvement in both inventory management and delivery performance tracking is through Business Intelligence (BI). BI provides you with the necessary insights to optimize efficiency, reduce waste in production, and ensure accurate minimum stock levels. With a BI tool, you gain comprehensive insights that enable effective management of warehouse facilities and ensure a proactive approach to supply chain challenges.

Here's how BI can make a difference for your company:

Avoid waste

Through the analysis of consumption patterns, you can reduce excess inventory and avoid waste.

Ensure accurate inventory

Use BI tools to maintain accurate and updated information about inventory levels.

Improved agreements

With insights from BI, you can negotiate favorable collaboration agreements with suppliers and other stakeholders.

Optimize warehouse capacity

Analyze data to determine the right amount of warehouse capacity to maintain in order to meet demand and minimize costs.

Monitor performance

Identify and address any delays or uncertainties in deliveries from suppliers and internal processes.

BI as a strategic element in the company

BI provides your company with a unique opportunity to strengthen operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall competitiveness. By moving towards more intelligent inventory management, you equip your business to step into a dynamic world of modern and unpredictable supply chains.

Business Intelligence with 9A Smart Insights

Getting an overview of the data flowing through your company doesn't have to be difficult or take more than two minutes. At 9altitudes, we help you achieve success by turning your data overview into your competitive advantage.

Would you like to know more about how our BI tool, 9A Smart Insights, can make a difference for your business? We are ready to assist you in optimizing your processes and creating a successful, transparent, and data-driven future.

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Joep Lugtenberg

Sales Manager

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