9A Smart Insights

9A Smart Insights is an intelligent data platform to make it simple to collect data from a number of sources and translate it to real insights. 9A Smart Insights is a prebuild solution, which makes it easy to create dashboards in just a few hours - not days!

Data insights with Power BI

9A Smart Insights makes it simple to combine and benchmark even detailed data sets. More than 350 customers already benefit from 9A Smart Insights, and they now spend only minimal resources on data collection. Instead they use our drag'n'drop analysis tools to combine their data - and easily present it in Power BI.

Reach new heights with your data

Use 9A Smart Insights to boost your reporting with the integrated 'Data Warehouse Automation' tool and the 'flexible layers' between the data sources and Power BI - supported by the content solutions Power ON and Advanced Analytics. 




Automate your entire product lifecycle connected to your data warehouse. From source analysis to transferring your data to your presentation tool. This allows you to realize your BI projects even better and faster - with fewer resources.

Dynamics 365

9A Smart Insights follows the developmens in Dynamics 365. Thereby you avoid having further development projects when Dynamics 365 is upgrated. 


By visualizing your data, you make a powerful and convincing communication of your insights. With Power BI as Frontend, it is very simple to build a customized user experience. 


Keeping your data clean and structured, will allow you to use 9A Smart Insights to predict the future via Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and IoT. 

"We found 85% of our data needs in Smart Insights. We collaborated with the 9altitudes consultants to address the remaining 15% of our custom needs."

Van Bommel

Get to know the details

Read the product sheet for 9A Smart Insights.

Interested in all the details? We've put together a concise fact sheet to read and share amongst colleagues who are also interested in using BI to gain more insights into Dynamics data.

Ready for your Dynamics 365 solution

Business Central

9A Smart Insights enables you to transfer data from BC into a data model, allowing for comprehensive analysis in Power BI.

Smart insights for D365 BC →

Finance & Supply Chain Management

With 9A Smart Insights, you can extract data from F&SCM into a data model and thoroughly analyse this data in Power BI dashboards and reports.

Smart Insights for D365 F&SCM →

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