9A Smart Insights for Dynamics 365 F&SCM

Your Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Supply Chain Management (F&SCM) is used to store vast amounts of data. The reporting capabilities to gain deep insights into this data are limited.

With 9A Smart Insights, you can extract data from F&SCM into a data model and thoroughly analyse this data in Power BI dashboards and reports.

Making your Dynamics F&SCM data available in Power BI

With Power BI, you can perform in-depth analysis and generate reports, but most companies encounter a problem from the start...

How do you make the data from Dynamics accessible and available in Power BI? By default, very little to no data from Finance & Supply Chain Management (F&SCM) is available in Power BI.

To gain a comprehensive overview, you might also want to enrich this data with information from other software.

Achieving this typically requires one or more BI consultants. In most cases, this involves significant time, expertise, and money.

9A Smart Insights offers a solution for this challenge.

Outcomes that matter

Why 9A Smart Insights helps you perform better.

Preventing discussion

Smart Insights ensures consistency in definition values across the entire company, eliminating discrepancies in values among departments.

Combining all relevant data

Don't just rely on data from Dynamics.

Smart Insights can combine and standardize data from all sources to provide you with insightful reports.

Focusing on what matters

Spend your precious time analyzing data and making informed decisions. 

Smart Insights provides you with the accurate data, multiple insightful reports and standardized dashboards.

Performing better

At the end of the day, what truly matters is that BI enhances your performance. Visualized in Power BI, 9A Smart Insights provides all you need for making informed decisions in minutes.

"Smart Insights has provided us with deep insights, enabling us to better manage various aspects of the business."

Tony's Chocolonely

True selfservice BI, ready in days

With 9A Smart Insights, you can unlock all essential data from Dynamics 365, combine it with data from other software, and visualize it in Power BI.

With our Content Packs, you have immediate access to 85% of your BI needs.They include a comprehensive range of standard reports and dashboards that are tailored to your industry.

This way, you can start analyzing data in Power BI within just a few days.

Subsequently, the remaining 15%, which is specific to your company, is set up by our consultants.

Dive deeper into the data of your solution

D365 Finance

9A Smart Insights enables you to excel and expedite your work by providing valuable insights from Dynamics 365 Finance.

Smart Insights for D365 Finance →

D365 Supply Chain Management

9A Smart Insights offers you essential data insights from Dynamics 365 SCM, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

Smart insights for D365 SCM →

How can 9A Smart Insights support my budget cycle?
Power BI dashboards give you the insights to support your budget cycle. Think about historical data trends, financial performance, highlighting the performance of areas of business and identifying potential risks and uncertainties.
What kind of reports can I create with 9A Smart Insights?

Content Packs include standard reporting for Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Projects and Production, as well as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Fixed Assets reports.

How can I create cash flow analyses with 9A Smart Insights?

9A Smart Insights integrates relevant financial data to analyze cash flow trends and variances using charts and dashboards. By using alerts in Power BI you can also monitor the ongoing situation, so you won't be too late.

How does 9A Smart Insights help me in my overview of multiple companies?
Our data model accumulates all the data of all the companies and Power BI uses filters to select one or multiple companies on your request. This can also be preset by using rights to certain roles, locations or specific employees.
How can my preparation of financial statements be easier with 9A Smart Insights?

9A Smart Insights streamlines the process by automating data collection, analysis and formatting. This reduces the time needed for the creation of financial statements but also reduces the risk of errors associates with manual preparation.

9A Smart Insights also has embedded data validation and cleansing techniques to ensure the accuracy and integrity of financial data.

What is the difference between 9A Smart Insights and Power BI?

9A Smart Insights is a ready to go BI solution, including Power BI dashboards. Power BI is a tool to gather data, model the data and visualize the data. 

The difference is that 9A Smart Insights gives you a quick start in the implementation of a Microsoft BI solution, with proven technology in combination with best practices.

The time to offer insights to your business is reduced with 70-80% in comparison to the creation of a custom solution using Power BI and starting from scratch.

All facts in a concise document

Read the product sheet for 9A Smart Insights.

Interested in all the details? We've put together a concise fact sheet to read and share amongst colleagues who are also interested in using BI to gain more insights into Dynamics data.

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