Understanding Microsoft Fabric: What you need to know

  • 06/02/2024

Microsoft Fabric is a new and groundbreaking data platform that brings a comprehensive suite of services to one centralized location. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), your access to corporate data is easier than ever before, accelerating your time-to-insights.

The platform, which includes features such as data lakes, data engineering, and data integration, eliminates the need to juggle between different services from multiple providers. Instead, you can benefit from a well-integrated, end-to-end, and user-friendly product tailored to simplify your analytical needs. MS Fabric is built on the foundational Software as a Service (SaaS) model, taking simplicity and integration to entirely new heights.

Microsoft Fabric can scale from small solutions to large enterprise solutions, allowing you to work with future data analytics regardless of your company's size.

How Microsoft Fabric works

Microsoft Fabric integrates both new and existing components from Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Explorer into one cohesive ecosystem. These components are presented in a unified manner through various customized user interfaces, ensuring an optimal and holistic user experience.

With Microsoft Fabric, the integration of data and services occurs seamlessly. It frees MS Fabric users from the hassle of worrying about integration, administration, or understanding the complex infrastructure supporting the platform. Instead, users can fully concentrate on delivering their best work without unnecessary distractions.

Benefits of Microsoft Fabric

Centralize your data

MS Fabric allows you to establish an open data lake, assisting your data developers in connecting and organizing data from various sources. In addition to avoiding data clutter, you can also create customized views accessible to all employees.

Empower your employees

Foster innovation and creativity among your employees by enabling them to act on insights from Microsoft 365 apps such as Excel and Teams.

Manage AI models

Streamline your analytical needs by developing artificial intelligence models on a single platform without the need to move data. This reduces the time data scientists spend on delivery.

Manage data across the enterprise

By using an open and scalable data solution, you can connect employees with data. With built-in security and governance, Fabric provides your data stewards with increased control over the company's data.

Should you put your BI project on hold?

No, we certainly do not recommend that. Our BI solution,9A Smart Insights, currently utilizes a data lake to fetch, store, and structure your data in the cloud. Because the data lake becomes part of Microsoft Fabric, it means that when MS Fabric is fully ready, we handle the technological journey for you. In other words, you don't have to think about whether or when you should transition from the data lake to MS Fabric - we take care of that for you.

9A Smart Insights is a pre-built solution that allows you to connect and analyze your data down to the smallest detail - quickly and easily. The pre-built foundation ensures that you can get started with your BI project quickly and efficiently because we have already put in the work to build the data warehouse, saving you both time and money. With a proven solution, you have a foundation you can trust from day 1.

Should we have a talk about Microsoft Fabric?

How can you adopt Microsoft Fabric without having to rebuild your entire data setup? What possibilities does Microsoft Fabric offer you? How will it work in your company?

Have an informal conversation with one of our experts about Microsoft Fabric and get answers to all the questions you may have. Fill out the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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