Gain valuable insights, combine Power BI with Dynamics!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 contains (almost) all your organization’s information. Microsoft Power BI translates that information into insights. Since information without insight is meaningless, it makes sense to combine Power BI with Dynamics. This translates your business data into valuable action points.

Combining Power BI and Dynamics 365

That's easily said, but difficult to do. You can't just pull data from Dynamics to Power BI. You have to deal with your cloud environment, take other sources into account, and make sure your analytical activities don’t interfere with daily processes. In addition, the data you use must be aligned, otherwise you'll compare apples to oranges.

9A Smart Insights is the solution to this challenge. We make sure that all relevant data from Dynamics is safely added to your data platform. We will place other data you need there as well and ensure that the combination of our solution with your data stays up to date. You create reports and analyses from within Power BI using the latest and most innovative tools available.

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Use Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics to:

1. Do more with Dynamics
Use Dynamics not just to administer, but also to learn fromyournumbers. Analyze the data from Dynamics in Power BI and translate it into valuable insights.
2. Expand your business horizon
In addition to Dynamics, link other data sources to Power BI. Discover new opportunities andtake action based on hard numbers and smart forecasts.
3. Work more efficiently
Make internal process optimization part of your company culture by continuously implementing data-driven improvements.
4. Make decisions based on up-to-date numbers
Keep the data within Power BIup to date without overburdening your business software by usinga data platform.

Why 9A Smart Insights?

9A Smart Insights’ unique data platform easily connects Microsoft Dynamics with Power BI. You get started quickly without the usual weeks of consultancy to establish a connection or build a report. This alone saves you both time and money. Your solution will quickly become operational, giving you access to standard dashboards that are tailored to your industry.

Our data platform, standard dashboards, and reports are based on best practices. We know the relevant KPI's in your industry and have already set up our solutions accordingly. Our specialty lies in connecting Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics. We are 100% focused on utilizing this combination within your industry, which will benefit you.

In addition to providing in-depth knowledge, we also offer technical expertise. Our team stays up to date with the rapidly advancing innovations in this field, ensuring continuity. Your solution and dashboards will remain compatible, no matter how quickly Azure and Dynamics change. You’ll also be perfectly positioned to take advantage of new opportunities.

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Integrate Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CE

Dynamics Customer Engagement allows you to manage your customer service, customer relationships and gives marketing the tools they needto perform optimally.

Combine Power BI with Dynamics CE >

Microsoft Dynamics BC

With the cloud-based all-in-one platform Dynamics Business Central, you support the activities of finance, operations, and sales.

Combine Power BI with Dynamics BC >

Microsoft Dynamics BC SaaS

Use Dynamics Business Central SaaS to get access to afull cloud version of Business Central, making all your data and services available online.

Combine Power BI with Dynamics BS Saas >

Microsoft Dynamics F&O

Aimed at large and highly diversified organizations,Dynamics Finance & Operations is the cloud-based successor to Dynamics AX.

Combine Power BIwithDynamics F&O >

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Even companies that still use Dynamics AX need one platform to analyze the figures from finance, operations, sales, and customer service, so we continue to support it.

Combine Power BIwithDynamics AX >

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Many organizations still makegood use of Dynamics NAV, the predecessor of Business Central,naturallywe can also combine these figures with Power BI.

Combine Power BIwithDynamics NAV >

Boost your business decisions

  • Transform your data into valuable information.
  • Keep reports and information within reach at all times.
  • Base your decisions on accurate and up to date information.
  • Embrace the future with Microsoft Power BI.
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Combine Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics in your industry

Production companies

The better you can predict demand for products, the sooner you can adjust your production to keep inventory in order. You can solve these and other challenges for production companies by using9A Smart Insights to combine Power BI with Dynamics.

Discover Power BI for production companies >


What do you need topurchase? How much do you need? Andhow do you store deliveredgoods to ensureefficientbreakdown and deliveryofmost in-demand products? Use9A Smart Insightsto connect Power BI to Dynamics and discover the answer to these questions.

Discover Power BI for wholesalers >


Is your (web) shop set up so that a customer can quickly find and pay for products, or doyou continually discover filled but abandonedshopping carts?9A Smart Insightscombines Power BI with Dynamics so that you can analyze shop visits and otherimportant figures tooptimize yourstore.

Discover Power BI forretailers >


In fashion, you combine the challenges of wholesalers with those of retailers.9A Smart Insightscombines Power BI with Dynamics for both industries. If you run a fashion business, you can use ourexpertise to solve your unique challenges with smart analysis.

Discover Power BI forfashion >

Interpret your own data

No one knows your company as well as yourownpeople. When it comes to interpreting your data, you want to be in control. We ensure that you get that control.9A Smart Insightsbrings together all the data that is important to your organization andprovides the means to visualize it. Your people can focus on the meaning of the data for the organization so that you can justify decisions with facts.

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Trust International combines Power BI with Dynamics

Trust International provides digital lifestyle accessories to a worldwide clientele. They are constantly developing smart, user-friendly products. A few years ago, the company decided to upgrade its existing Dynamics ERP solution. Their BI solution at the time was deeply intertwined with the ERP solution.

To get started quickly, 9A Smart Insights was chosen. This easily bridged the gap between Dynamics ERP and Power BI - 75% of the solution worked out-of-the-box. The choice of 9A Smart Insights also fit well with Trust's ‘Build vs. Buy’ strategy. The company does what it's good at and buys what someone else does better.

The biggest advantage of the 9A Smart Insights’ solution is that there is now one single truth to work with. From within the solution Trust gains insights into the different markets in which it is active. 9A Smart Insights is used daily to see how the teams around the world are doing and where there is room for improvement.

Visualizations make Power BI powerful. It translates numbers into images. Even traditionally number-based business units such as finance can visualize their output. This makes the data more understandable and helps the company make better decisions about processes and products, which accelerates Trust's growth.

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Power BI & Dynamics FAQ
Isn’t Power BI a self-service BI? Why do I need a partner?

Power BI allows advanced users to maketheir own(additions to) dashboards. But that requires linked data. To linkdata, you needmanpower andexpertise. At9A Smart Insights, we have a large group of experts who complement each otherwhileimplementing your data platform. You get a solid solution that is set up faster. By taking our out-of-the-box solution as a basis, youimmediatelysave100 days of time compared to a‘bare’ implementation.

In‘5 questions for your (intended) Power BI supplier’you can read more about this trade-off.

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Can you combine Power BI with Dynamics without a data platform?
Although it’s possible to combine Power BI with Dynamics without using a data platform, it’s not advisable. Retrieving data from Dynamics requiresexpertise. Manually managing and collecting Dynamics data for Power BI is labor-intensive and prone to errors. Therefore, it is recommended to first collect data on a data platform and then automatically import it into Power BI.
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What place does the 9A Smart Insights solution take within the Microsoft ecosystem?
We position our solution within the Microsoft ecosystem as the center of an iceberg. Thetip of the iceberg is Power BI. If an employee within your organization creates an analysis, that part is visible. Dynamicsformsthe roots of the same iceberg.9A Smart Insightsislocated between the two parts and thus forms a bridge between the hidden data beneath the waves and the visible peak.
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Why should I choose 9A Smart Insights instead of my usual IT provider?
We specialize in BI. While your usual IT provider is undoubtedly at home in your organization andknowsthe general solutionsrequired, we find that in practice, the requiredexpertise to get the most out of BI is lacking in general parties. We are familiar with the ins-and-outs of Dynamics andarefully at home in the possibilities of Power BI. That is why we get better results in less time.
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How do you get fresh insights?

Where are opportunities for your organization and how can you make use of them? You can find the answer to those questions in your data. 9A Smart Insights helps you get insights from your data by combining Power BI with Dynamics. Curious to discover what possibilities this offers for your organization? Contact us, and we will show you.

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