9A Smart Insights for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

As a manager in the supply chain, you deal with procurement, planning, production, inventory and delivery.

Being able to quickly adjust based on reliable data is essential for optimizing processes and profit margins.

9A Smart Insights offers you essential data insights from Dynamics 365 SCM, enabling you to make well-informed decisions.

Save time, focus on what matters

The information required for your reports is often dispersed across the organization, making it challenging to gather all necessary details solely from Dynamics 365 SCM.

Leverage the capability of 9A Smart Insights to seamlessly integrate with additional Dynamics 365 components and various data sources, ensuring you have a complete overview at your disposal.

While data is crucial, it's just as important to have an intuitive tool that simplifies access without the need for coding expertise or IT support, and preferably minimizes the time needed for operation.

9A Smart Insights streamlines the process by consolidating data from Dynamics and other platforms for easy visualization in Power BI, saving you valuable time and enabling you to focus on what truly matters: making well-informed decisions with precise data.

Outcomes that matter

Why 9A Smart Insights helps you perform better.

Preventing discussion

Smart Insights ensures consistency in definition values across the entire company, eliminating discrepancies in values among departments.

Combining all relevant data

Don't just rely on data from Dynamics.

Smart Insights can combine and standardize data from all sources to provide you with insightful reports.

Focusing on what matters

Spend your precious time analyzing data and making informed decisions. 

Smart Insights provides you with the accurate data, multiple insightful reports and standardized dashboards.

Performing better

At the end of the day, what truly matters is that BI enhances your performance. Whether through Excel or Power BI, 9A Smart Insights provides all you need for making informed decisions in minutes.

"Smart Insights has provided us with deep insights, enabling us to better manage various aspects of the business."

Tony's Chocolonely

How can 9A Smart Insights help me with demand forecasting?

Decisions can be made using combined data from multiple departments like sales, inventory, finance and operations.

By providing a centralized platform, other data sources can be added to provide additional information on historical trends and probable outcomes and needs.

By evaluating exceptions refinement can take place to optimize demand forecasting.

What kind of reports can I create with 9A Smart Insights?

Content Packs include standard reporting for Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Projects and Production, as well as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Fixed Assets reports.

How can 9A Smart Insights help me improve my supply chain performance?

9A Smart Insights provides visibility into key supply chain metrics such as order status, shipment tracking, and inventory levels.

This visibility enables SCM teams to proactively identify bottlenecks, address issues, and optimize supply chain performance.

How does 9A Smart Insights help me in my overview of multiple companies?

Our data model accumulates all the data of all the companies and Power BI uses filters to select one or multiple companies on your request.

This can also be preset by using rights to certain roles, locations or specific employees.

How does my manufacturing department benefit from 9A Smart Insights?
9A Smart Insights can analyze production data to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement in the manufacturing process. By monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) such as cycle times, machine utilization, and scrap rates, BI enables manufacturers to optimize production schedules, improve resource allocation, and maximize throughput.
What is the difference between 9A Smart Insights and Power BI?

9A Smart Insights is a ready to go BI solution, including Power BI dashboards. Power BI is a tool to gather data, model the data and visualize the data. 

The difference is that 9A Smart Insights gives you a quick start in the implementation of a Microsoft BI solution, with proven technology in combination with best practices. 

The time to offer insights to your business is reduced with 70-80% in comparison to the creation of a custom solution using Power BI and starting from scratch.

All facts in a concise document

Read the product sheet for 9A Smart Insights.

Interested in all the details? We've put together a concise fact sheet to read and share amongst colleagues who are also interested in using BI to gain more insights into Dynamics data.

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