Resilient supply chain

  • 19/01/2022

The supply chain never experienced so much tension as in recent years. Have we drawn the necessary consequences? Can technology replace the scarcity of raw materials and the shortage of labour?

Get a grip

Your supply chain department is the invisible backbone of your organization. Getting a grip on available and ordered inventory and making timely adjustments as schedules and pricing change over time, is key to keeping finances in check and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Master your supply chain

Multichannel and omnichannel strategies already enable consumers to contact businesses and get their issue solved in an efficient manner. The internet of things makes it possible to deliver such service faster than real-time. This means that contact centers may eventually shift their focus to outbound calls, contacting consumers proactively when a problem or service deviation is anticipated rather than waiting for the stressful call from your customer.

Be transparent towards stakeholders in resource availability
Resolve supply & demand imbalances on time
Get a grip on the order status of active projects

True innovation

Your data points are a gateway to new business models and different ways of providing the same serivce. Start thinking about the way you close a service agreement. Stop surprising yourself with unforeseen scenarios.

The world is creating new business models thanks to the data that comes from the customer through interactions or the products they are using.

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