Efficient document management: Avoid wasting unnecessary time looking for documents

  • 26/01/2023

How many times have you sat and spent unnecessary amounts of time trying to find the one document you were missing? If you've tried it before, you know how frustrating it is to spend so much time on something that should be just right.

Get more time for what you are passionate about

You are most likely not the only one in the company who sits and spends oceans of time finding the documents that are needed. Imagine that both you and your colleagues spend the same amount of time on average finding the right documents. This can quickly turn into a lot of time wasted across the entire company. Time that could be spent on more value-creating tasks - for you, for the customer, and for the company.

While you're trying to find the document you need, you might even find that you don't actually have access to the document at all. It can, for example, be stored on a SharePoint you do not have access to, a Teams channel that you are not a part of or something else entirely. To get the document, you need to contact your colleague, who can either give you access or find the document for you. This means that you are now two colleagues who spend time finding the same document.

Successful document management...

... gives both you and your colleague access to the same documents, so that you no longer have to think about the right people having the right access. With 9A Raptor Document Warehouse, your documents follow the processes you work within the company. If the finance department has saved an invoice from a customer, sales can later find the same invoice if they need it - without having to contact the finance department first.

You and your colleagues most likely also deal with some documents that contain sensitive information. 9A Raptor Document Warehouse can ensure that these documents are not shared with the entire company, but that you can define exactly the people who actually need to be able to access them.

In addition, 9A Raptor Document Warehouse can also ensure that you can see your documents in exactly the system in which you are sitting and working. Are you sitting and working in Dynamics 365 for Sales, but need to use a document that is most likely stored in Dynamics 365 Finance or Business Central? Then you no longer have to open the other program just to get your hands on a single document. You can search and find the document in the exact system in which you are working - regardless of which other system it is stored in.

Use your time more efficiently with structure in the documents

When you have a better overview of both your and your colleagues' documents in one integrated system, it becomes both easier and faster to find the documents you need. This is valuable time that you can spend on your customers instead.

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