Digital Maturity Report 2024: The AI Edition

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AI is revolutionizing the global manufacturing landscape, and the C-suite is at the forefront of this transformation. The 'Digital Maturity Report 2024: The AI Edition' is your comprehensive guide to leveraging artificial intelligence for growth and innovation.

Why the report is a must-read:

  • Key industry insights: discover cutting-edge trends shaping AI in manufacturing.
  • Expert interviews: gain invaluable perspectives from executives at Microsoft, PTC and Tulip.
  • Strategic recommendations: uncover actionable strategies to help your company reach new heights of digital maturity.

What’s inside the report?

  • Trends and trajectories: stay ahead of the curve by understanding the evolving role of AI in industry, including advancements in predictive maintenance, supply chain automation, and quality control.
  • Leadership perspectives: dive into insightful interviews with industry thought leaders discussing fostering a culture of innovation. Discover how AI demands laser-focused attention, not as a side project but as a core priority.
  • Success stories: learn from the real-world experiences of enterprises that have embraced AI

Who should read this report?

Designed exclusively for C-level executives and decision-makers in manufacturing, this report is essential for anyone looking to:

  • Implement AI-powered solutions within their organization.
  • Drive digital transformation and build a competitive edge.
  • Foster a robust organizational culture ready for the digital age.

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