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Attribute-based manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving with market conditions that continuously change. Market conditions as increasing documentation requirements, supply chain challenges etc. also affects attribute-based manufacturing companies. Below we guide you in how a digital common thread can help you grow your company despite the challenges of the future.

Is your business ready for tomorrow's customer expectations

Customer expectations are on the rise, making it increasingly challenging to maintain a strong market position. Handling daily changes in item availability and resource capacity, as well as managing rush orders, are just some of the challenges that attribute-based manufacturing companies face.

Regardless of whether you excel in customer intimacy, product leadership, or operational excellence, what sets you apart today risks becoming the market standard in a short time.

Key challenges of attribute-based manufacturing

Price calculations based on attributes
Operational insights
Stock keeping and planning with attributes
Maintain quality in products and processes

Maximizing operational efficiency

Navigating attribute-based manufacturing entails addressing multifaceted challenges. From accommodating design and delivery modifications to gaining operational insights and maintaining quality, every aspect demands meticulous attention.

Flexibility, operational insights, stockkeeping, and quality maintenance are key focal points within this manufacturing approach. Success hinges on a robust digital infrastructure fostering real-time visibility and data-driven decision-making. By synchronizing operations, your organization can thrive amidst modern manufacturing complexities.

Mastering challenges in attribute-based manufacturing

Ever-increasing product complexity & pricing
The more attributes your product has, the higher the complexity. With an integrated setup, you become able to handle this complexity efficiently - both in terms of pricing and planning.
Time-to-quote: A heavy process
Customer expectations are increasing. Calculating the right quote can be time-consuming when your product is attribute-based. Combining speed and precision can be challenging, but with the right tool, it doesn't have to be.
Supply chain proximity and security
Ensuring you always have the right raw materials available, while keeping your inventory levels low, can be challenging. Integrated business applications support you in maintaining the balance and notify you when a change of plans is needed.
Evolution of business models

Many manufacturing companies experience a evolution in their business model. E.g. going from standardized products towards attribute-based activities. The journey can be challenging, and it's imperative, that your process and people get the right support.

Make to stock cost efficiency
The combination of rising customer expectations and escalating prices presents a significant challenge for maintaining cost control. However, by leveraging the appropriate tools, you can adapt your design and production processes using real-time insights. This enables you to effectively manage your expenses.
Green manufacturing

Your company's footprint is both affected by your direct and indirect actions - how do you e.g. take raw material's CO2 footprint into account in your purchasing process? This is just one example of situations, where the right internal system should support your business processes.

Seize control of digital common thread within your organization.

Your business is unique, molded by your business model, product, market dynamics, and team. All these factors play a crucial role in shaping your digital transformation journey. We're prepared to support your organization with solutions tailored to your distinct requirements. Whether you need strategic guidance for digital transformation or assistance with specific applications, we're here to help. Ready to kickstart your journey and scale to new heights securely? You've got it. We've got your back.

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