9A Membership Management

9A Membership Management is the all-in-one solution for membership organizations. From member portals, dues collection, events and courses, group collaboration on documents, registries and accreditation, marketing, member services, project management (e.g., grant reporting), reporting and more.

For the future-oriented member organization

9A Membership Management is developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here you, as a membership organization, ride on the great development power of Microsoft. Think, for example, of the AI-driven Copilot. Quickly compose an email and answer a member's question? Let Copilot generate it for you!

Do you also want to optimally serve your members and be ready for the future?

Challenges at membership organizations

Complex membership models

Membership organizations have diverse membership models with many variables. Think: different subscriptions, for individuals or companies, multiple options payment periods (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual), calendar year or continuous year, effective immediately or 1st of the following month, free months, pro rata, discounts, members in VAT or exempt. How well can complex membership models be implemented? Do you choose to have staff perform manual work or costly custom work that must be developed and maintained?

Lack of 360-degree member view

Membership organizations have many different systems and applications. Think: membership administration, financial, event/course software, education & accreditation, survey tooling, marketing, customer/led service, project administration, website, portal, etc. Data is fragmented and causes 360 degree member view to be lacking. If 360 degree member view does exist, it takes a lot of manual work or developing and maintaining (expensive) custom interfaces. 360 degree member-image is essential for being able to provide good service.

Varied relationship and membership management

A traditional system stores one contact person. How do you store a person who works as a manager at company A, owns company B and is also a lecturer at university C? Suppose that as a manager at company A he also sits on a board as chairman or is in a department from his teaching role at university C? Once you communicate with the person, you do want the communication to be recorded at the right level. These are complex structures typical of associations and membership organizations.

Invoicing & receivables management

Sending bulk invoices can be a time-consuming job. We see that today a lot of checking is still done by hand. Among other things due to complex membership models. In many cases, a financial system is responsible for sending bulk invoices. With a few thousand invoices this often goes well, but does it still run smoothly with many tens or even hundreds of thousands of invoices?

A member's payment status is visible in the financial system. However, member administration and member services in most cases work in a CRM system that does not contain this data. Do they then manage to help the member quickly and adequately with financial questions?

Processing events and courses

One association organizes a large event with several (break-out) sessions in one day, another holds courses spread over several days, and some provide in-company training. Each type has its own dynamics and requirements of the system. For example, the differences in billing and payment. Does the participant pay himself or his organization, collective invoicing for participants of the same organization or one invoice for the company itself? How do you handle applying member discount to the invoice? For example: member basic is 10% discount and member premium is 20% discount. Problem is that this information is not captured in an event system. Unless you manually process data or develop costly custom interfaces.

Personalized marketing

Segmenting target groups is usually done in a CRM system. Because of the fragmented data in different systems (see: Lack of 360-degree member view), it is not easy to target a specific segment. For example: members who have Premium membership or members whose registration/accreditation expires in six months. Creating a personalized newsletter is then impossible and thus you miss the opportunity to create member engagement.

These are examples of challenges we hear daily from our clients and from the industry. With 9altitudes, 9A Membership Management has developed a standard solution on the solid Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We would be happy to tell you more about it.

Rob de Roode

Product Owner 9A Membership Management

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 and 9A Membership Management?

As a membership organization, you want to make a choice for the longer term and future-proof. This means that the software evaluates with you and that new functionalities are added from which your member organization can benefit.

Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 means that you benefit from its enormous development power. No other company in the world invests as much as Microsoft in AI. With Copilot (AI), Microsoft implements the latest multi-purpose technologies in Dynamics 365.

Just choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not enough for a member organization. Specific member organization challenges and functionalities are not supported. 9altitudes complements this with 9A Membership Management. All relevant functionalities a membership organization needs are present.

Continue reading below to see what features are broadly offered.


✓ Persons with multiple roles and functions.

Maintaining individuals with multiple roles and functions. Example: 1 person performs 3 different roles: manager at a company, owner of own company and lecturer at university.

✓ Groups, committees and collaborations

Maintaining groups, committees and collaborations. Such as: boards, sections, departments, networks, etc. Keeping track of all participants with their roles and duration.

✓ Memberships and subscriptions

Registration of all types of memberships and subscriptions. For both individuals and companies. Includes all types of terms such as: calendar year vs broken year, pro rata calculation, split period, add free months for new joiners.

✓ Bulk invoicing

Azure invoice batch engine for bulk creation of invoices for memberships and subscriptions by period (such as: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual).

✓ Accounts receivable management and finance

Arrange your entire accounts receivable management from Dynamics 365 including collections, bank payments, reminders and dunning. Accounting is also fully covered.

✓ Registers and licenses

Maintain records and licenses for accreditation teaching points. Necessary for specific professions to meet quality standards. Professions such as: physical therapists, psychologists, real estate agents, physicians, etc.

✓ Events and courses

Keeping track of events and courses. Register participants, speakers, lecturers, etc. Capture their attendance with a QR code scan. All types of billing settings are supported such as: In-company (create 1 invoice), 1-to-1 (create multiple invoices, 1 for each participant) and collect invoice (collect invoices from participants from the same company).

✓ Member Portal

Communicate with members through the portal. Give them access to their personal data and ability to change it (self-service). The powerful thing about Dynamics 365 Portals is that it uses the same database as Dynamics 365, no custom interface needs to be developed and maintained.

✓ Dashboards, charts and views

Member dashboards, charts and views with 9A Smart Insights for Members. A fully out-of-the-box available Power BI dashboards with results such as: number of different types of members during periods (weeks, months, years), new members by period, cancelled members by period, members by age, member turnover by period etc.

✓ Default Microsoft integrations

Outlook integration to synchronize emails, tasks and appointments. SharePoint integration for document management. Teams integration for collaborations (e.g. combined groups, committees and partnerships). Combine Word templates with Dynamics 365 data and send by email including PDF. There is much more.

✓ Copilot (AI)

Copilot supports employees to be even more productive. It writes emails and makes suggestions (which you can still review and modify before sending). Copilot creates summaries of reports, member service tickets and so on. It makes suggestions for new member segments and can even create designs for the member portal. This is just the beginning.

✓ Member service & chat

Fully omnichannel member service so members can submit questions, advice or complaints. For example, via email, portal, chat, Teams, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. For member organizations with legal services, it is also possible to write time. Through the member portal, members can review historical questions and create new ones.

With years of experience serving membership organizations, it's cool that 9A Membership Management can be found in Microsoft AppSource.

Rob de Roode

Product Owner 9A Membership Management

9A Membership Management in Microsoft AppSource

9altitudes has more than 30 years of extensive knowledge of the membership organizations industry. Based on this knowledge, we develop industry-specific solutions.

Our industry solution for membership organizations is successfully deployed at associations, branch and interest groups, professional organizations, employer organizations, unions and federations, among others.

Microsoft AppSource features solutions that enable innovation, drive business results and ensure that organizations can do more with existing resources.

9A Membership Management is Microsoft preferred solution for membership organizations.

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