We welcome Integral Group to 9altitudes

  • 20/07/2023

We are once again expanding our business. This time with the acquisition of Integral Group - a leading player in PTC’s CAD/PLM business. Thereby 9altitudes becomes an even stronger player in the field of digital transformation.

A considerable expansion

9altitudes is already present in Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, and Slovenia, and with the acquisition we expand to Spain, Portugal, Turkey and South America. With the acquisition of Integral Group, 9altitudes will add +130 employees to the team.

“This acquisition is a significant milestone for us as it allows us to tap into new markets and territories, while strengthening our existing portfolio. The Integral Group brings with it a wealth of expertise, resources, and a strong reputation, which we believe will enhance our ability to deliver exceptional value to our customers”

Filip Bossuyt

CEO at 9altitudes

Integral Group and its +130 employees have more than 25 years of experience in implementing software. Through the years, they have accumulated a lot of know-how and interdisciplinary experience that can now benefit the 9altitudes customers. Both the team of 9altitudes and Integral group is committed to ensuring a seamless integration process, to make sure they as quickly as possible can achieve their shared goals together.

The possibility to reach new heights together

There are a lot of synergies between 9altitudes and Integral Group. Both companies work closely together with their customers to realize digital transformations. Both companies understand that in the end, the technologies are a means to an end, and that the real focus should be on the people. Therefore, there are a lot of synergies in the way the two companies work.

“Together with 9altitudes we have a unique opportunity to be part of a strong organization that truly can create a difference for the customers. By being able to create a digital transformation offering that combines the best from both worlds of Microsoft and PTC, we truly can help our customers reach new heights. Together with our shared focus on the people in the process, we are excited about joining the 9altitudes group”

José Vicente Garrido

CEO at Integral Group

Who is Integral Group?

The Integral Group has more than 25 years of experience in implementing software and is a leading player in PTC’s CAD/PLM business. 

Integral is a business group with extensive experience in the field of Industry 4.0. Their goal is to provide advice and solutions that help companies achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in their products and services in an increasingly intelligent and connected world.

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Who is 9altitudes?

With the arrival of Integral Group, the group generates a consolidated turnover of roughly 140 million euro across 9 countries and adds +130 employees to the team. With this 9altitudes reaffirms its goal to become a leading European Digital Transformation partner while expanding its PTC business outside Europe. The group has the ambition to grow substantially the following years through both organic growth and further acquisitions.

The group supports end-to-end digital transformation projects through Microsoft and PTC software, combined with industry and process specific own IP. 9altitudesand Integral Group offers services to customers in 3 verticals (manufacturing, wholesale & distribution, services).

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